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Search results

  1. filhar1

    poll wkow

    Need to hit the poll on www.wkow.com about shopping at businesses that don't allow CC. We're losing.
  2. filhar1

    app is in the po box

    App is in post box 7130 and should be picked up from Post Office in about a half hour. Let the countdown begin.
  3. filhar1

    "by mail only"

    Just wondering how everyone is going to apply on Nov 1. DOJ site says by mail only, so I guess it won't help to be standing at the door waiting for them to open. I figure I'm going to send a copy of my dd 214, the application, and whatever statement they need along with a check...
  4. filhar1

    Wi lurker rejoined

    Been hanging around here for a long time, but didn't register until pre 93. Didn't have anything to O C until just lately. Avid Cowboy Action shooter. just bought some square guns for CC and OC. Moderator had me locked out so couldn't post till now.