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  1. KIX

    Kuck/Goldberg v. Danaher - Oct. 2012 ruling. Courts are our friend???

    Utter insanity. The backlog is just fine, don't worry about waiting nearly two years for your hearing....... I'm glad the board has gotten it down to six months now, but this ruling is just insane. http://ctpistolpermitissues.com/2012/10/19/goldbergkuck-v-danaher-ruling-october-2012/ Jonathan
  2. KIX

    New Britain - ordinance to bring city in line with the state has passed

    The ordinance passed last night and New Britain is now in line with the state. Concealed or open carry - permit holders choice. I believe it takes ten days from the day it is signed. Jonathan
  3. KIX

    New Britain OC and The New Britain Herald article (and city council info).

    For your reading enjoyment. http://www.newbritainherald.com/articles/2012/06/13/news/doc4fd949348e6fa722599484.txt Far too many issues with the article....... I like the term "city law" myself...... Jonathan
  4. KIX

    Woman arrested for videotaping New Haven PD assault.

    The article admits she didn't break the law, but look at the unions justification: "if you capture something on video that can be evidentiary, you run the risk that your phone/video can be confiscated to further the case". That last part is really gives insight to the mindset. You record law...
  5. KIX

    CT Pistol Permit Issues.com continues to support HB 5245

    This bill is a huge benefit over the current system. Right now, the majority of towns are asking citizens (demanding even) that citizens sign hold harmless agreements, medical release forms, town generated forms with extra information (including amputations, speech mannerisms, manner of dress...
  6. KIX

    Anyone in West Haven have any permit issues?

    Curious if anyone here is from West Haven and has had any permit issues. Working on a project and am stuck on West Haven. Jonathan
  7. KIX

    Fingerprint backlog - hear an official lie at the LOB

    Yep...... I took audio from the day I testified last week and couldn't refuse this little gem. Chief of Staff for DESPP or whatever the DPS's new acronym is now..... flat out lying about the process. Said they have 8 weeks to process prints! He also said pistol permits are being bumped up...
  8. KIX

    ctpistolpermitissues.com needs more town paperwork - updated 2.27.12

    Hello all, still looking for info from the following towns. If you are able to get a copy and email it to me, I'd love to post them on the site. If you don't have a scanner, other arrangements can be made. Jonathan Andover Ansonia Ashford Avon Barkhamsted Bethany Bethel Bethlehem Bolton...
  9. KIX

    8 more towns added to ctpistolpermitissues.com

    Here we are. Eight more towns added, some oddball stuff, plenty not required by statute. Two towns actually got an "A". http://ctpistolpermitissues.com Here is the overall information. Go to the site to view/download more information. East Hampton,B, Town states police chief determins...
  10. KIX

    Doogies in Newington "cover up".....

    OK, was having dinner tonight at Doogies, like I do a few times a month. Went to pick up my order all was fine. A minute later, the counter person said the manager asks that I "cover up". I proceed to tell him that I will, but that no law was broken and open carry is indeed legal. The kid...
  11. KIX

    SLFU and fingerprints

    Where does someone get confirmation that their prints were returned to the PD? I had a person recently contact me about issues they had with verification that the background was checked. SLFU wouldn't tell them a thing. He was forwarded to another department responsible for the fingerprints...
  12. KIX

    Office of Legislative Research Reports

    Some of you may find this stuff interesting. Gives decent insight into the thinking that goes on in Hartford and often answers some questions many of us may have about legal issues and policy making on on firearms related topics. I've compiled a list going back five years and I'm still working...
  13. KIX

    Interesting Lautenberg argument for instructors

    I got to thinking about this last week at the BFPE hearing, never really thunk it before. I see hearings where people are denied because they fall under Lautenberg and are barred federally from getting a permit. When a someone is having their hearing, say I hear they have a felony conviction...
  14. KIX

    Kinda reminds me of Doutel, woman denied because of who she is married to

    http://ctpistolpermitissues.com/ First post. The Doutel case came to mind since it was a "spousal related" case. There were actually a few others, but this struck a nerve because a suitable candidate was denied her permit simply because of who she is married to. Jonathan
  15. KIX

    Looks like another state will recognize our permit - Wisconsin.

    Found this today on "Truth About Guns" blog/site. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2011/10/foghorn/wisconsin-publishes-ccw-reciprocity-25-states/ Interesting.... Florida ain't on the list. Jonathan
  16. KIX

    17 new towns added to www.ctpistolpermitissues.com

    All, Big jump this week. We are up another 17 towns thanx to a few submissions. Interesting thing to note: Many of these towns have their information available for download. Most of them, had minor to no issues (there are a few tasty nuggets in there as well). However, it tells me one...
  17. KIX

    Hartford paperwork finally obtained!

    OK, here's the deal. I wrote an almost 1,400 word post on the issue on my site. If you just want to look at the app, go to the "town by town" page. I put notes from my discussions in the actual post. If anyone wants to critique the process for denying the town extra info and what to do...
  18. KIX

    Picking a fight with Hartford.....

    So, you all know the issues I'm working on regarding suitability and the towns. Well, here is the status with Hartford. Hartford still thinks they can deny issuing paperwork at the window when someone asks. Clear violation of part of CGS 29-28a: Upon written request by any person for a...
  19. KIX

    Suitability study update - towns needed

    Hello all, The following list is all the towns I still need info from. If you can help supply it, it will be greatly appreciated. In only a few months of gathering data, we've helped over two dozen now permit holders navigate the system, so the information is helping! Jonathan Andover...
  20. KIX

    Lawyer on retainer?

    Just something I was thinking about last week. How many of us have a lawyer on retainer? Or at least consulted with one? I have an appointment soon, just thought it is something I should have..... just in case. Jonathan