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  1. sawah

    I appreciate OCDO poster's patience and understanding

    I tend to have fairly strong postings about some things that I read on the forums and I'm often quite skeptical and harsh. I realize that many times I'm dead wrong. So I just wanted to say that I appreciate the patience and understanding that is offered here, and want to thank especially...
  2. sawah

    Armed Intruder at a SC Church arrested

    http://tinyurl.com/7ebefqj Amazingly, the perp managed to put a spin on the situation "I was just trying to get someone to listen". From the article: Gates said he asked the church for help, but was frustrated. "I've been praying, begging," Gates said. "They won't let me see my children. I...
  3. sawah

    Two Coral Springs LEOs under investigation for making false statements-traffic stop

    http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/03/27/v-fullstory/2717756/broward-driver-busted-by-cops.html Yep, it's them 90% 'good cops' with clean records. Unfortunately, the GEICO rep was on the phone which was dropped on the floor of the lady's SUV. The female LEO had a bad case of over-entitlement and...
  4. sawah

    Who needs to sleep with a gun by the bed?

    Ever dream about choking to death in a pool of Great Dane dog-slobber, lol. J/K, he's magnificent. I have a mechanical attack cat. Now he doesn't do much but I figure while the bad guy is being creeped out or involuntarily petting it, I'll get the drop on 'im. :)
  5. sawah

    Saw a Unicorn at GoodWill today?

    OK, which one of you was it? Guy was at the Central Park location, roaming around in women's clothing - I thought he was the hired store security (why else would he be there in the woman's section?). Fess up!
  6. sawah

    When does Open Carry fail, not be fast enough?

    Everyone talks about (and some disagree) that OC is a faster response time to a signal event (i.e. a sudden ambush). The thing about ALL martial arts is that to a degree they ALSO fail when needed most and I'll explain below. MAN, guys, I'm getting chills thinking about this epiphany... When...
  7. sawah

    Culpeper shooting

    I believe the police have lost their Mission, which WAS to protect and serve. They are now largely self-serving, preying on the very people they're sworn to protect and defend. A quick look at the police oversight website shows they've been involved in a whole range of criminal activities...
  8. sawah

    I just don't understand this thinking...

    From the VCDL newsletter: You will NEVER know if a Bad Guy has a gun in the car. Yet this dimwit is concerned that cops know about permit holders. Cops need to approach EVERY car stop as though the driver has a firearm, and if the driver is obeying and being calm, process the ticket and leave...
  9. sawah

    Article: Bloomberg fires blanks in anti gun crusade

    http://dailycaller.com/2012/02/09/mayor-bloomberg-fires-blanks-in-anti-gun-crusade/ Hope this is the right forum for this.
  10. sawah

    An example of people's stupidity?

    We are discussing an issue on another forum I post to, about what qualities a LEO should have. Many of the posters were belligerently posting about how awful it was to have female LEOs. 'Oh the typical female LEO is just too weak to do the job...' and other comments like that. IMO, I'd much...
  11. sawah

    Antony at it again!

    I think they need to ban Mr P from appearing in public, especially in eye makeup. He's quite the eyesore and could reduce tourism dollars all by himself. IMO
  12. sawah

    Mandatory Training for OC and CC

    The hell you say.