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  1. GreatDaneMan

    Virginia Beach OC/Bike Dinner. *6PM* This saturday 11-17-12

    Been wanting to do this here for a while, my friends deli is now open till 7pm. Im organizing an OCDO/Tidewater Biker Dinner. Plus, I turn 23 today so well make it a late birthday dinner too...No gifts, just a reason to hang out and eat! They just got the website up and running. Here is...
  2. GreatDaneMan

    Planning road trip to WV labor day, questions from VA

    Planning on taking a mini-cation labor day weekend fri-sun. Making the trek from Hampton Roads to the areas of Cass for the Railroad. Spruce Knob for camping and hiking, maybe swimming(have to do some more research), National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Seneca Caverns and maybe a few other...
  3. GreatDaneMan

    who needs a gun on my street?

    couple robbed and shot on my street two blocks down. and people wonder why i oc to the mailbox. at least three people shot on my street this year so far. www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_news/chesapeake/two-robbed-then-shot-at-traffic-light
  4. GreatDaneMan

    Last minute lunch at River City Diner (North Richmond) Sunday 11am

    Tomorrow meeting a guy at 11am ish at River City Diner. Anyone up for late breakfast? PM me with a phone number and let me know how late or early i can text/call. Same normal River City Diner. 803 East Parham Rd.
  5. GreatDaneMan

    In-the-waistband holster for OC?

    I have a holster that I can use in-the-wasteband or outside on a belt.. Been using it on the outside. Wondering if it would be legal to use on inside with shirt tucked, its less visible. Well, the visibility of the pistol is the same you just cant see the holster. Similar to this, same rise...