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  1. Bellum_Intus

    Silly Question

    Ok, So I'm not condoing the actions of the Aurora Shooter, but.. How does the DA manage to charge him with 2 murder charges per murder? How does the DA charge him with 2 counts of attempted murder per attempted murder? Curious question... he's charged with 24 counts of Murder... --Rob
  2. Bellum_Intus

    OC Post Aurora - Post Thornton arrest

    Well, After all the uproar in the last few weeks, and the current mis-information, I went out today to apply from my CHP (after a 3 month wait for my appointment) .. OC'd at Fuel B's in Ellicott, Walmart on Powers, took the 92 off while applying @ EPSO, OC'd at Barnes and Nobel near Citadel...
  3. Bellum_Intus

    UN ATT Killed - for those who hadn't heard

    It's dead! (for now) Full story here: http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2012/nra-stops-un-arms-trade-treaty.aspx -Rob
  4. Bellum_Intus

    Castle Rock Meet & Greet - August 4th (FINALLY)

    I'll bring my Mini (SINCE I DON'T HAVE AN AR! lol) .. :P .. and pies are meant to feed my Beretta.. lol.. Mel likes fruitcake for some reason in his big shiny gun.. :P --Rob PS.. I beg everyone for brass to make these: I'm a brass junkie.. aka, cheap date
  5. Bellum_Intus

    Castle Rock Meet & Greet - August 4th (FINALLY)

    Will you allow this? lol
  6. Bellum_Intus

    CO OC Appreciation - Mini Range day - 7/22/12

    I am opening up my range for Open Carry advocates again on July 22nd! If you want to some out and shoot some, let me know! --Rob 5 Confirmed so far - 7/20 2am
  7. Bellum_Intus

    Denny's is my new favorite

    I was in Denny's for dinner after our Ranger meeting Friday night.. of course Open.. Then I thought, geez.. what's Denny's stand on the second amendment .. found this.. I love it.. and now I love Denny's.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7wYm0cYEOI
  8. Bellum_Intus

    Just ordered Gun #2!

    I did this shotgun myself: Rob
  9. Bellum_Intus

    Happy 4th of july!

    Happy 4th, and don't ever forget these words.. and this Declaration. You can read the rest ... but it applies now as much as ever..
  10. Bellum_Intus

    I need a truck to support my OC!

    I need a truck.. yeah.. really.. I am building a new reloading bench and I cannot fit 15 2x4's and a sheet of 1/2" plywood into my Sebring! I need this to continue my OC! really! anyway, way off topic, but if anyone would be so kind as to 'volunteer' a truck from Home Deeeeepooooo to my home...
  11. Bellum_Intus

    Stumped at McDonalds

    Had a lol moment at McDonalds today.. Went to lunch at my normal McDonalds on Purcell / hwy 50 near the office .. all's well .. Walked up to the *new* cashier, she couldn't have been a day over 17.. She looked at me, looked at the 92FS, back at me, back at the FS, back at me and said .. not...
  12. Bellum_Intus

    Nice OC Evening with Soon-To-be-Wife

    Good stuff! Me too.. :P My daughter, and the kids out back .. the 2nd pic was 2 yrs ago, my daughter (top picture) is now 15 and can shoot.. with the best of them =) Why is my daughter muzzling me with a wooden sword? I just noticed that lmao.. --Rob
  13. Bellum_Intus

    June 24th Range day

    Hey all. I need a headcount of people coming out on Sunday. I have only one lane, so it may be more of a fun day than an all out shoot day. My house is still being renovated (just finished installing the wood floor) so it's still a bit messy :P hope you dont mind! hah. Things I need. (come...
  14. Bellum_Intus

    Open Request to members here

    Will be there.. I'll be dragging along my daughter as well.. she shoots too :p
  15. Bellum_Intus

    Colorado Springs movie theaters

    I don't get out to the movies much, and my daughter wants a daddy daughter date night tomorrow to go see Madagascar or something, and I have NO idea which Colorado Springs movie theaters are OC friendly.. Anyone?? --Rob
  16. Bellum_Intus

    NRA Basic Pistol course

    If anyones interested in an NRA basic pistol course (NRA101), a very close friend of mine (and MY instructor) has a class starting June 19th in the evening. It's a 3 day (2- 4 hours sessions + range) course that will fulfil the requirements for CHP in Colorado. This is NOT his CHP / CCW class...
  17. Bellum_Intus

    Talk about mis-Information

    Look at this.. http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-legal-to-open-carry-a-handgun-in-colorado#comments I guess this legal expert.. is not up on Colorado.. lol -Rob
  18. Bellum_Intus

    How's this for open carry

    Well, ok, it's in my back pasture range setup.. but hey.. GREAT Memorial day.. Was working on Advance and fire drills with a friend. --Rob
  19. Bellum_Intus

    Range today - Qual

    Woot.. Just finished up qualification on Pistol range. 25/25 , defensive fire - flash sighting.
  20. Bellum_Intus

    New here and a report

    Hi! I am new to the forum, but not new to OC. Actually found this while looking for information on OC in Walmart in Colorado Springs.. Glad I found you guys.. seem like a great bunch! At any rate, was out today went in to McDonalds on Murray and Platte, not a peep.. Friendly as ever. Second...