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  1. OlGutshotWilly

    https://butchgunsworld.com/, Buy hunting equipment (Whatsapp: +18563222329 ) Butch's gun world

    Carlmaxis, Way to break as many rules of the forum as you can fit into one post. Admirable post and effort if that was your objective. Most of what you are posting will be illegal after tomorrow anyway.......... Review rules 7, 10, and 14, then remove your post. Have a great day
  2. OlGutshotWilly

    Fight against SB 5078 (Magazine ban above 10 rounds).

    Yes, SAF just received a generous contribution from me in the last couple of months as well. I find them to have a more effective use of my funds than other organizations I have contributed to in the past.
  3. OlGutshotWilly

    CPL V. WDL

    Solus, Thank you for your dissection of the supposed quote from Washington! I actually know these facts, but left it because I like the quote! So I chose to leave it distorted, to honor Mark Twain🤣 I suppose to be accurate I should leave off the Washington attribution😁👍. However, I may well...
  4. OlGutshotWilly

    CPL V. WDL

    Solus, Are you daft man?? Really? No one said anything about a re-numbering system to the CPL as you discuss above. The renumbering system in question, and clearly outlined above, was referring to the WA DOL's re-numbering of our Drivers Licenses which began in 2018. Which you would certainly...
  5. OlGutshotWilly

    Snohomish county oc report

    Thanks to you both.👍 Well, to comply with the rules, Yes I will check out Wrights Leather! In the pic is my Kimber SIS Ultra that has had a few thousand trouble free rounds through it. I acquired a new to me ( though used ) Dan Wesson Valor Vbob in 9mm. Sweet shooting gun. But I think, since...
  6. OlGutshotWilly

    Snohomish county oc report

    Holy Cow! It's been 4 years since I've posted in this thread! I suppose that is good in a way, because it means there are really no issues with OC up here. I have acquired a new to me 1911, and instead of OC'ing my usual Kimber EDC's, I was getting used to the new gun and holster by carrying it...
  7. OlGutshotWilly

    Galco Carrier

    There is no one there to hear you T...... That is a spam post, and I hope you didn't click on the link, or you are doomed.......doomed I say....
  8. OlGutshotWilly

    Jim Beal (DEROS72) has passed away

    Sad to hear.....Very nice gentleman and a great advocate.
  9. OlGutshotWilly

    Snohomish county oc report

    My new holster from Cerisse @ Soteria Leather arrived today. My new EDC is now almost ready to carry as it has close to 800 rounds of many various loads through it with only a couple of hiccups. And those were from me trying multiple handloads in the gun looking for a good practice round that...
  10. OlGutshotWilly

    Wearing my cowboy gunfighter rig, just for the hell of it.

    and yet another..... I too am an 1851 lover........... Damon, where do you compete at?
  11. OlGutshotWilly

    Just purchased my first Glock.

    OMFG.............this is getting painful.........especially for all of us "others".........