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  1. independence

    Gun store dude tells me I shouldn't be carrying openly

    Went into the Ace Hardware in Walport, OR and found some 22 LR, which was awesome - but the manager (or whatever he was) told me I shouldn't be open carrying. He said he didn't mind me doing it but he wanted me to know it was illegal. I told him that I read everything about carrying in Oregon on...
  2. independence

    Do I have to ask before carrying in a church in AR?

    Can I open or conceal carry in a church in AR? Do I have to have permission ahead of time? The law seems to read that way but it's confusing...
  3. independence

    Keeping your voice recorder from illegal searches

    I carry a voice recorder on my person when in public and often record long portions of the day. It occurred to me that this could be a double edged sword, as there may be some things I would prefer not be recorded. For instance, let's say my wife and I are driving in the car on the way to the...
  4. independence

    The correct pronunciation of gun names

    Is this video correct? http://youtu.be/hTDj8BFH9uI Moh-siyn Nagant, etc.?
  5. independence

    Pincus tries to shoot himself in the left arm

    Here's a video of Rob Pincus spending 4 minutes trying really hard to shoot himself in the left arm, hand and finger (maybe torso, too). He is ultimately unsuccessful but succeeds in teaching us that it's okay to have body parts that are across the firing line. http://youtu.be/AxwAzUBkGcU...
  6. independence

    What laws apply to carrying a recorder?

    I usually carry a video recorder that I turn on in the event it is needed. I just got an audio recorder that I will start carrying on my person all the time as a backup. Since I will essentially be recording my entire day, what laws apply? Anything I need to be aware of? Is there nothing to...
  7. independence

    OCed while at the polling place today - anyone else?

    I'm lucky that my town's polling place here in TN is not a gun free zone, so I was able to OC while voting. I had no issues. Anyone else?
  8. independence

    Signs in KY

    Do I understand KY statue 237.110 correctly that a permit holder simply carrying a holstered handgun past signage at a public business is not a crime? Is it true that it is only a matter of trespass if they ask you to leave? Yes, I know that it's better to not go there at all. But I would like...
  9. independence

    What's the latest on OC?

    I am considering traveling through Arkansas soon and may opt to OC a handgun while there. What's the latest on the various branches of the government disagreeing on OC, etc.? What are my chances of being arrested? Also, am I considered exempt from any supposed restrictions since I will be traveling?
  10. independence

    Chickasaw State Park OC friendly

    Took the fam to Chickasaw State Park recently. Had an interaction with an armed Ranger in the dark while picking up some firewood. I was slightly uneasy that he might freak out in the dark but things went good. The dialog was something like: "I'm assuming you have a permit for that, right?"...
  11. independence

    OC reaction: "357?????????!!!!!!!"

    Still catching up on my open carry stories...Here's a negative one that happened to me about 4 or 5 months ago. I was at a gas station in a small town, OCing a .357 when an older guy using the opposite side of the pump starts muttering something unintelligible in a very gravelly, raspy voice...
  12. independence

    Lost voting machine gig due to my OC

    Whelp, I was scheduled to configure the voting machines for my county here in the sticks and things suddenly went sour. I hadn't had time to tell this until now, but here's what happened... A few months ago I met with the Election Commission Chairmain at the courthouse while OCing. (Completely...
  13. independence

    Open carried to vote just now

    Fortunately, where I live in the sticks voting does not take place at a school or other banned location. That means - you guessed it - I can open carry while casting my ballot. So I headed to the polls strapping a handgun and got back a bit ago. Very uneventful. One of the poll workers (who I...
  14. independence

    Asked not to carry in gas station again

    I've been too busy to post my open carry experiences during the past few months but hope to post a few during the next couple weeks. Here's what happened to me a few months ago in Mississippi: I was driving from Alabama to Tennessee one night and had to go through Mississippi. At about 9:30 PM...
  15. independence

    Anyone fired for OCing outside of work?

    I'm curious if anyone here has ever had their employer find out that they OC outside of work and what the outcome was. I know some of you have been in the news, etc. Did your employer see you on the news and freak out or terminate you? Have you ever had a chance encounter outside of work where...
  16. independence

    OC climate in Atlanta

    I am considering a possible relocation to the Atlanta area. I OC here in Tennessee daily but am curious what it's going to be like when I walk down the sidewalk of downtown Atlanta strapping or walk into a grocery store in the suburbs. Is there an active OC community there? Am I just going to be...
  17. independence

    Open carry on a jury

    Should this American citizen be allowed to open carry his bladed weapon while serving on a jury?: http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/04/23/sutter-county-sikh-told-he-cant-serve-on-jury-with-ceremonial-knife/
  18. independence

    I don't like OC but I will slice your throat

    I had a couple of separate encounters at McDonald's recently: 1st encounter: An elderly woman with some kids accompanying her says to me, "I like your gun! What kind is it?" I tell her and then she says that she just passed the HCP course and expects her's in the mail soon. She was excited...
  19. independence

    Carrying while playing sports

    Talk to me about playing sports while carrying a handgun, whether openly or concealed. Which sports are okay for carrying and which are not? Some are easy to assess, like golf would be fine but not hockey. But what about tennis or racquetball? Do any of you play a sport in any adult league of...
  20. independence

    Can I OC on someone else's property?

    I have a TX OC question. Can I OC on someone's private property I am visiting? Can I just ask them straight up, "May I open carry while on your land and in your house?" and then be fully legal if they say yes? Or, is it still illegal even if on their private property? Thanks! Sent from an...