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  1. Mainsail

    Mass Shootings and 'Holding' the Public

    I'm curios to know if there is legal authority for the government (police) to hold citizens after a mass shooting similar to what happened in Ft Lauderdale. I'm very familiar with Terry and whens wheres whys the police can and cannot detain a citizen, but for big events like these I'm somewhat...
  2. Mainsail

    State vs Evans (Fixed blade knives in Seattle)

    Mostly good news.... State Supreme Court: Read it all: http://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/906084.pdf
  3. Mainsail

    Seafair 4th of July @ Gasworks Park - No Firearms.

    I asked about the No Firearms statement on their website:
  4. Mainsail

    No Reciprocity Now

    So WA (where I live) and FL (where you live) used to have reciprocity. The key phrase is USED to. Looking over the FL 790.015 language, seems to allow and then disallow me carrying a concealed handgun. OK, I'm covered with all the above. So reading only this far it seems to say that my WA...
  5. Mainsail

    Parentage of Fryberg?

    Am I missing something? The kid who brought a gun to the school in Bremerton and accidentally shot a classmate generated a ton of news stories and speculation about the home situation and his parents. Same for the kid that fired the gun hidden under the seat while the guy was pumping gas. Same...
  6. Mainsail

    Almost any Knife is a Dangerous Knife in Seattle

    ...and no, the clearly written Article I Section 24 statement, "The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired..." has no bearing. Amazing. I can walk around Seattle with a pistol carried openly without any license required, and the...
  7. Mainsail

    USCG on the Ferry

    I've noticed a pair of USCG guys walking the car decks on the ferry between Bainbridge and Seattle. I imagine they're on the other runs as well. I don't think they're armed- I see a lot of gear on their belts and some drop-leg pouches, but I can't say I've seen a handgun. This could be just a...
  8. Mainsail

    State vs Estep Totality of the Circumstances.

    I hope nobody will be offended if I post something on-topic. I see a few problems with this Terry stop, given he was a full mile away from the location where the suspicious activity was reported to have occurred. Nevertheless, it was his furative movements that seems to have tipped the scales...
  9. Mainsail

    Three Tiers of Police-Citizen Encounters

    Word: http://www.bluesheepdog.com/2012/02/02/three-tiers-of-police-citizen-encounters/
  10. Mainsail

    Friday in Seattle:

  11. Mainsail

    A Police Perspective

    There are some interesting gems in this thread. It seems the police in some states, and a few gun owners in our own, have some differing ideas about open carry and identifying yourself. http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=266201 On another topic, how the heck do you url link with the...
  12. Mainsail

    No Shooting in the Back

    imported post From the Appellate Court: (OK, where the hell is the URL code button?!?!!?) http://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/index.cfm?fa=opinions.showOpinion&filename=626965MAJ
  13. Mainsail

    WA and FL Reciprocity

    imported post I don't see it posted here, and I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but your WA CPL is now valid in Florida. The two states have (apparently) signed a reciprocity agreement. FL: http://licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us/news/concealed_carry.html WA...
  14. Mainsail

    State Supreme Court Rules for Incorporation

    imported post Washington State Court rules that the 14th Amendment due process clause incorporates the right to arms and makes it binding on the States. I haven't had time to digest the whole thing yet, but it looks promising. Ruling...
  15. Mainsail

    Booted from The Mandolin Café

    imported post I’ve waited a week to report this as I wanted to give the owners a chance to discuss it first, in case it was a misunderstanding on their part. On the evening of 17 December, I stopped by The Mandolin Café to have a coffee and use their free WiFi. I have been a regular customer...
  16. Mainsail

    State Supreme Court re: Police Seizure

    imported post The State Supreme Court overturned the trial court and the appellate court on the subject of whether Harrington was illegally seized. http://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/index.cfm?fa=opinions.showOpinion&filename=817197MAJ
  17. Mainsail

    National Park Open Carry

    imported post From what I understand, in February 2010 (that’s three months from now!) firearms carry in the National Parks will be legal, and will follow the laws of the state where the park is located. Please, if you don’t know the difference between a National Park and a National Forest or...
  18. Mainsail

    Gun Show Impressions

    imported post The Kel Tec RFB I just bought uses FAL metric magazines, purported to be the most readily available and inexpensive magazines in the universe. I, however, have found them very difficult to find. I picked some up in Lakewood for $20 a pop and they were well used. Searching online...
  19. Mainsail

    It Took Two Days

    imported post It took two days. Two days ago I had never heard of something called a Kel Tec RFB. On Thursday, I stopped at the gunsmith to drop off my Ruger Single Six for some sight work, and dropped by Mary’s to see what was new. When I got home I did some research and today I bought it. I...
  20. Mainsail

    Ash Street Shootout

    imported post http://www.thenewstribune.com/topstory/story/895048.html Ash Street shootout: The night that changed Tacoma's Hilltop 20 years ago, a tense Hilltop neighborhood erupted in hundreds of gunshots as gangsters fought Army Rangers for control. The shootout gained national attention...