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  1. EtdBob

    Coeur d'Alene man says concealed weapon saved his life

    I found the following tale interesting. The man credits having a weapon handy as saving his life and he may well be right. It was also a good thing that the bag guy only had a knife - Of course, if the feller had been carrying openly, the bag guys would never even have him in the first place...
  2. EtdBob

    Spokanistan question -

    Does the Thomas S. Foley Courthouse in downtown Spokane got lock boxes? I assume they got metal detectors and all that jazz at the entrance. My wife got nailed for jury duty, and doesn't want to leave her gun, knife and kubaton behind.
  3. EtdBob

    Road Trip

    Gonna be driving down to the Grand Canyon in February for a backpacking trip. I'll be passing through Montana, Idaho, Utah and Arizona. Now I know Idaho and Utah are OK with my Wa CC permit, I ain't sure about what I'm supposed to do in Montana or Arizona. Can anyone enlighten me? thanks...
  4. EtdBob

    Stop or my wife will shoot!

    "HOUSTON - A woman opened fire on a group of robbers at a local Denny's restaurant. At around 4 a.m. Thursday, a man who does not want to be identified, said his brother was robbed by six men with guns at a Denny's off the Gulf Freeway in southeast Houston. "I don't know if it was random or...
  5. EtdBob

    Appalachian Trail hike?

    So my wife and I are thinking of a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail starting in the spring of 2014. We’re quite excited about it and will be doing plenty of hikes this year to iron out any gear issues and so forth, but I am wondering about bringing a gun along with me. I generally do, of...
  6. EtdBob

    stupid gun show question...

    Hey y’all, I have a stupid question. I have rented a table at the upcoming gun show / flea market at the Spokane fairgrounds. I plan on inhabiting the flea market side with the intention of trying to sell off some of the huge pile of handcrafts that my wife has accumulated – She makes baskets...