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  1. Gene Beasley

    Looking for some help

    Is anyone still in contact with G20-IWB24/7? It appears he hasn't been here since 2011/2012; about as active as me. I am going to need to take care of some business, assuming that he hasn't changed real life professions. Any info appreciated. I'll be checking here as I've escaped the clutches of...
  2. Gene Beasley

    "Unintended Consequences" - John Ross

    Not sure if this is old news to everyone - I just made this discovery. I read "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross back in the 90's and ended up buying my own copy several years ago. In case you happen to own a hardcover copy, be aware that it is out of print and from what I have read will...
  3. Gene Beasley

    Comcast in King County

    http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2013/02/19/comcast-to-firearms-shops-your-moneys-no-good-here/ Regrettably, I am going to be dropping Comcast. I really only use them for Internet; don't watch TV and can live without the phone, but it's cheaper to bundle. At any rate, any recommendations for...
  4. Gene Beasley


    imported post http://www.truelobby.com This looks like a great tool. There's great grassroots work being done here. But as has been pointed out, the state legislature is going is going to require our attention. Check it out; I'm just starting to find some of the features available. In addition...
  5. Gene Beasley

    Local codes brought in line with state law

    imported post As you can see, it is a rather unweilding list. It's a work in progress. I just needed to get something to start with. I know there are answers to many of these on the board (maybe even this thread). Legend Resolved Pending Checking status from board or process started (member...
  6. Gene Beasley

    Guns Reduce Crime Debate - New York City

    imported post The NPR debate is now up on You Tube. It's thirteen parts and includes Stephen Halbrook, Gil Kerlikowske, Paul Helmke, Gary Kleck, John R. Lott, and John J Donohue III. Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/v/DraTc7h1LPg&hl=en&fs=1
  7. Gene Beasley

    Guns Reduce Crime Debate

    imported post It's a 13-part series. Here is our esteemed R. Gil Kerlikowske: http://www.youtube.com/v/2jeyj7dibSc&hl=en&fs=1&fmt=18 If you want to put it into context (this is part 3), here is the link for part 1.
  8. Gene Beasley

    Judicial Races

    imported post The State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are all uncontested so not really anything to discuss there. In King County, the Superior Court has three positions on the ballot. Two of the races are losers for us no matter who wins (Position 1: Bradshaw v. Perisien and Position 37...
  9. Gene Beasley

    Profiles and Locations

    imported post I am somewhat hesitant to start this thread as it will probably come across as meddling or moderator/admin aspiring. Not so. If you disagree, simple; ignore me. In December 2007,jpierce started this thread in the Announcements forum. I would like to echo what he said, including...
  10. Gene Beasley


    imported post Appears that nwcdl.org domain is parked. Any news? Although the forum never really took off, the downloads section was a nice augmentation to OCDO. Lots of opinions, training bulletins, etc. in the downloads section.
  11. Gene Beasley

    Criticizing Federal Judges Question

    imported post Finally waded into the TSA ruling thread and it raised a question. I decided not to interject it their; needless tangent. I'm pretty sure it was in the Western District; either Seattle or Tacoma. In the late 70's, 80's or possibly the early 90's, there was a federal judge who...
  12. Gene Beasley

    Is there any place that you won't/don't OC?

    imported post Is there any place that you won't OC (excluding those prohibited by law, private property rules (e.i. business), or employer rules)? If so, do you CC there or not carry at all? The wife has become much more accustomed to me carrying everywhere now that the weather is warming. Due...
  13. Gene Beasley

    NRA sues San Francisco on public-housing gun ban

    imported post http://hotair.com/archives/2008/06/28/nra-sues-san-francisco-on-public-housing-gun-ban/ June 28, 2008 by Ed Morrissey The NRA has decided not to waste time in the wake of the Heller decision, but to begin pushing on a wide front to dismantle gun bans around the nation. In San...
  14. Gene Beasley

    If you joined this forum after January 2008 poll

    imported post It appears that distribution of the WGR's began somewhere around the beginning of 2008 and really picked up steam with the printing headed by surfj9009. Only vote if you joined after January 1, 2008. I think I heard about it on THR, but don't remember coming here until Lonnie...
  15. Gene Beasley

    Negative Open Carry Comment Poll

    imported post I have had virtually no one aside from Law Enforcement make a negative comment regarding OC.
  16. Gene Beasley

    Lousy timing on my letter to Federal Way Attorney

    imported post http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8UM090O0&show_article=1 Finally decided to get off my butt and fire off the letter to Federal Way (Atty, Council and Mayor) regarding both their Muni codes on carry in parks and council chambers. Guess I'll sit on it for a few, but not long.
  17. Gene Beasley

    Asked to leave Wal-Mart Federal Way

    imported post I'm new to the forum, but not new to OC. I've been around THR and TFL for years posting under my real name. Lately have opted for more internet anonymity; using song titles makes it near impossible for your posts to come up if someone Googles your name. About 0150 this morning I...