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  1. cabledawg

    Homeland Youth Corps

    http://wearechange.wordpress.com/tag/hitler-youth/ Found one in about 30 seconds on google image search.
  2. cabledawg

    Shooting offhand due to injury/surgery/whatever

    I didnt think of this until now, but I'm waiting to get surgery on my right hand and thought "how am I going to carry with a bummed hand?" I can shoot offhand, albeit not very well one handed, but I can do it. I'll need to buy a lefty holster thats for sure, but has anyone else run into this...
  3. cabledawg

    New to Ohio, new to OC

    Hey there OC'ers. Just got stationed here at Wright Pat AFB in January, got a good group of gun advocates in my shop and the Mrs and I have decided we are going to exercise our 2A rights to carry. Working on CCW permit, but in the meantime, I'll be OCing my new best friend. My first question...