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  1. Large Caliber Kick

    Invite to oc meet in Charlotte, NC

    Hello South Carolinians, I would like to extend an invitation for anyone to join us in Charlotte for an open carry meet @February 4th: 2pm Golden Corral 9430 South Blvd Charlotte, NC We welcome you to join us for any meet but have made this one particularly close to the border to reduce...
  2. Large Caliber Kick

    Charlotte Area OC Meet, Greet, and Event Discussion, 1st of ea. month

    Welcome to the Charlotte area meet and greet thread. Meets will be the first Saturday of each month. The next meet will be Sat March 3rd. Time and location have yet to be determined.
  3. Large Caliber Kick

    Army dad told to tear down new tree house

    After paying $1800 in permits and fees plus $1400 in building materials this Fairfax County father was told to tear down the new tree house that his kids helped him build. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2047953/US-Army-father-Mark-Grapin-told-tear-sons-treehouse.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
  4. Large Caliber Kick

    11 year old told not to score too many touchdowns

    Pee-wee league player told he's too good to give it his all. http://video.foxnews.com/v/1190532974001/boy-banned-from-scoring-touchdowns/?playlist_id=87857
  5. Large Caliber Kick

    Teacher punishes student for saying "bless you"

    Teacher takes off 25 points for saying "bless you" when another student sneezed in class. http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/state&id=8372745
  6. Large Caliber Kick

    Suggestions for my stubborn mother?

    I'm looking for an effective, less than lethal, method of defense for my mother who refuses to use lethal methods to defend her life because she believes she will go to hell for taking a life even in defense of her own. I realize that most here including me don't endorse LTL defense methods...
  7. Large Caliber Kick

    Para Ordnance good 1911?

    A friend of mine who is looking to purchase his first firearm is strongly considering a Para and is addicted to the look of a 1911. I told him I reccomend a double stack high capacity model and wanted to gather a general opinion from tose of you who have owned or used a Para. Any input is...
  8. Large Caliber Kick

    Possible loop hole for restaurant carry?

    I was just thinking that private clubs can extend certain privilages to their members while within the confines of the club such as being able to smoke indoors. If someone were to establish a restaurant with a bar similar to Applebees or O'Charlies and charged a minor annual membership fee does...
  9. Large Caliber Kick

    Can anyone reccomend an OC friendly church in the Mooresville area?

    I was wondering if there might be any OC friendly churches in the Mooresville, NC area within 25 miles or so. I haven't been in probly five years and wish to start attending somewhere again, but the church I grew up in grew into what you might refer to as a mega-church and is very anti. I...
  10. Large Caliber Kick

    Question on Taurus .40 auto and .44 Wheelgun

    imported post I've been told by some locals around here that the Taurus large-frame revolvers were problematic and was wondering if anybody here had experience with them to confirm or debunk that claim. I also am considering a Taurus semi-auto .40 cal and wanted feedback on that as well. Here...