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  1. Billy

    Request Assistance: Firearm training/CPL course in Almont/Imlay City area?

    Request Assistance: Firearm training/CPL course in Almont/Imlay City area? A dear friend of mine wants to get a pistol and has asked me to give him some training. I live 200 miles N.W. of him and can only visit periodically. If you know of a good instructor in the Almont / Imlay City area...
  2. Billy

    Request assistance...

    Hello ~ Greetings to y'all in the Sunshine State. Was glad to hear the big hurricane didn't slam you folks. My sister in Palm Beach County wants to be armed and after talking with her I thought to ask you for some assistance. Please make recommendations for a knowledgeable, certified...
  3. Billy

    Interrogative: Castle Doctrine details needed for New Jersey

    SUBJ: Castle Doctrine details needed for New Jersey Warm greetings there ~ I'm trying to help out a friend who lives in New Jersey and the fellow is not up-to-speed on the "Castle Doctrine." If you're knowledgeable regarding this matter then please cite some quotes and direct links that cover...
  4. Billy

    Interrogative & request assistance

    Warm greetings there ~ Hope you folks can assist me. I'm planning on riding my motorcycle from Michigan to the East Coast and will be traveling through your state. I prefer to openly-carry my pistol and have a Michigan-issued Concealed Pistol License (CPL). Would I be 'good to go' to travel...