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  1. RockerFor2A

    Is LUCC still viable?

    Forgive me if it's been covered, but now that UOC has been criminalized in California, is LUCC still viable? I seem to recall that one could carry unloaded in a "locked container" which could even be something like a fanny pack, gym bag, whatever so long as it could was locked with a small...
  2. RockerFor2A

    Voting irregularities in los angeles

    TRUE PERSONAL STORY OF VOTING SHENANIGANS FROM REPUB FRIEND OF MINE IN LOS ANGELES. HE EMAILED THIS TO ME THIS MORNING: "Huge problem voting today in Los Angeles. My wife and I went into the polling place first so that I could watch our son. I am purposefully omitting our names. When my wife...
  3. RockerFor2A

    When UOC, empty mag in gun or no?

    Just a question for OCers with semi autos. When carrying do you keep an empty mag in your weapon or have no mag? Which do you prefer? The reason I ask is that I instinctively like the idea of having an empty mag in the weapon because a BG can't be sure if it's loaded or not. (Although if he...