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  1. hermannr

    BigR Stores, MT, ID and WA..Not OC friendly.

    Well guys, had a very unpleasant experience at the BigR in Omak.... (Yes, the same store the (x) manager had asked me why he did not see more OC) We went to the BigR in Omak to purchase a utility trailer Monday. I was in the process of paying for it and doing the DMV paperwork, and this little...
  2. hermannr

    You have to love Okanogan Co. and their Sheriff's department.

    Anyone for a free training program? http://www.omakchronicle.com/nws/n130719a.shtml
  3. hermannr

    Interesting OC weekend, east and west.

    Finally decided to do it, and traded off my 2001 A6 Audi Quattro 2.7T for a Ford F150. Even though it is an upscale F150, an Audi it isn't. However, I needed the pickup, and as my wife cannot drive any more (health reasons) there was no reason to have both the Audi and the F150. Drove over to...
  4. hermannr

    Does anyone know the status of Tribble V BoE?

    Has there been any action in the Idaho Supreme Court with "Tribble v. State Board of Education"?
  5. hermannr

    OC with IWB Holster

    Well, here is an OWB holster, on a belt...how much difference is there in exposed PISTOL? There is no way this second pistol and holster can be worn IWB...how much exposed pistol do you see??? (check carefully, you can see the butt of that big 6" Colt...Holster is a custom Ross hunting...
  6. hermannr

    New circuit court ruling in our favor..that make its 4th and 10th.

    The simple Open Carry of a firearm, were that is allowed, is not reasonable suspician for an Terry stop. (and this was a felon in possession case0 http://www.ca4.uscourts.gov/Opinions/Published/115084.P.pdf
  7. hermannr

    Is there anyone here OC'ing up in Skagit County, and more specifically, Anacortes?

    For a laugh about a thigh rig...One cold day last winter I saw a Tonasket city LEO wearing a coat, with a thigh rig. It did look funny...he was in uniform. There is nothing illegal about a thigh rig, but comfort? In a vehicle I would think it would be very uncomfortable. I have a couple...
  8. hermannr

    idea, woman's issues, the 2A and our WA Senators

    Interesting blog comment by Emily Miller of the Washington times about women. In Emily's blog, "Emily Get's her gun" she presents gun control as a womans issue...as we all know...rapist's just overpower their victoms, a firearm in this case is a great equilizer. As we also know....WA Senators...
  9. hermannr

    A very good read.

    http://www.forbes.com/sites/harrybinswanger/2013/01/01/with-gun-control-cost-benefit-analysis-is-amoral/ Shows the difference between a collectivist and individulaist mindset.
  10. hermannr

    Mag Cap Poll, Washington Post

    Poll on mag capacity. Hit it. Only 40% no now. Right hand side. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/charles-schumer-after-newtown-pursue-a-middle-ground-on-gun-limits/2012/12/19/69e36a98-4964-11e2-ad54-580638ede391_story.html
  11. hermannr

    Holster advice please.

    OK, I'm a bit different than you. I cannot stand an IWB holster...don't care whose. But then....or because of that feeling. I only conceal when it is winter and I MUST wear a coat for the weather, and then only because I am wearing a coat. I have several guns that I carry, and several...
  12. hermannr

    North Central carry

    Well, the Easter Washington is long lost again, so I will do a North Central carry thread. Took my wife to the eye doctor today down in Omak...I guess we will be dealing with cataracts here soon, but the good news is, If Dr Hartkorn or his receptionist noticed, they said nothing. The patient...
  13. hermannr

    Lemmo or Rapgood (lawyers especially, or LE) question

    Our local rural public hospital district hospital has recently gone through an expansion, and now has a new administration. This was never a problem before, but the new "CEO" as they like to call her...(70.44.060 does not provide for a "CEO" so I don't know what her real position is....) comes...
  14. hermannr

    WSU and Twitter (it is on topic)

    Well guys, this will be interesting. Coach Leach has told his football program, no twitter. How does this effect us? The arguments the lawyers are using about 1st ammendment rights at a PUBLIC university in WA> When all the dust settles, the arguments (and decision) may be useful against...
  15. hermannr

    Must inform question.

    I have a question that has been going through my head for awhile now. You guys already know "must inform" is totally foreign to me, and something I still have to wrap my head around. Does the openly carried sidearm "inform" the officer, or do you still have to verbally inform them also?
  16. hermannr

    Grant Co (WA) Sheriff

    Thought you guys might like to know...the Grant Co. (WA) Sheriff is having a raffle to benefit the two Spokane Deputies that were shot a couple weeks ago. First prize? A gun...Oh ya, a S&W MP40...
  17. hermannr

    Cajun Pawn Stars

    I occationally watch Cajun Pawn stars...they have a lot of cool guns come into their shop..even full auto..anyway...today.. One of the Pawn shop guys went out to a customers farm to look at something (no a gun)..but the customer was wearing a great looking 1911 with horn grips...if you happen...
  18. hermannr

    One thing that bugs me.

    I am very happy you guys in OK will finally be able to OC, and I think the your organization is taking the proper approach being proactive with local LE...but one thing bugs me (well, more than one, one especially) "duty to inform" When you talk to the LE community, maybe you might bring up...
  19. hermannr

    ABC news poll, smellslikemichigan missed

    There is another thread on this, but the original poster missed mentioning the poll, left sidebar. Sorry, I don't know where my link went....http://www.abc57.com/home/top-stories/Marine-veteran-files-request-for-special-prosecutor-151182135.html Oh, there it is. Question asked is: should a...
  20. hermannr

    New dry side OC reports

    Well I can't find the old Eastern WA OC reports, so I thought I would restart, as I think the Central/Eastern WA guys will like this. There is a new Dawg in Omak...been getting flyers from what appeared to be a new Farm/Ranch supply store. Well today we went to the Big City (Omak) and I...