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  1. Gallowmere

    Another Story from Detroit.

    "Paris Ainsworth lived up to her nickname “Rambo.” After two attackers shot her four times, she whipped out her .45 caliber handgun and fired off eight rounds at the fleeing punks."...
  2. Gallowmere

    Just Had My First "Official" OC Questioning.

    And it was at the hands of what appeared to be a group of six to eight year olds playing in the back yard of the apartment where I live. First kid- "Are you police?" Me- "Nope." Second kid- "So what are you then?" Me- "Just a regular guy." First kid- "I was just wondering because they were all...
  3. Gallowmere

    Dispatching wounded animals

    If it looks like this, I am fairly certain you are well within your rights to shoot...just make sure you kill the damned thing so the cops can see it when they inevitably show up. ;)