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    I'm done here

    I wish you all well. Steve Aikens
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    Hb 137 concealed handguns in licensed liquor establishments.

    This is the full alcohol bill we're been working on. Essentially, it simply removes the beer & wine restriction. http://www.nmlegis.gov/Sessions/13%20Regular/bills/house/HB0137.pdf It's being heard in HOUSE BUSINESS & INDUSTRY today. Link below to the list of committee members. Shoot them...
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    Hb 77 re-incarnated – same song, second verse:

    COMMITTEE SUBSTITUTE STILL CONTAINS OBAMA-STYLE BAN/REGULATION OF PRIVATE GUN TRANSFERS Act TODAY to Stop Passage of New Version of House Gun Control Bill! The proposed method in House Bill 77 has been changed, but the gun control advocates’ end-game remains the same: universal regulation of...
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    Family Shooting In Albuquerque - Saturday

    Folks, if you haven't been on the phone calling legislators about HB 77. You need to do so now more than ever. This is the family of former NM State Senator Eric G. Griego. He lost his brother, brothers wife, three children and the shooter was his nephew. Eric has always been a far left that...
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    Case dismissed in shooting death

    Santa Fe New Mexican Local news in brief, Jan. 20, 2013 The District Attorney’s Office has dismissed a case against a woman who said she fatally shot a man in self-defense inside her Alcalde home. The Journal North reported Friday that District Attorney Angela “Spence” Pacheco dismissed the...
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    Call-to-action: Hb 77 referred to house judiciary & appropriatios committees

    THE ASSAULT ON YOUR RIGHTS HAS STARTED IN SANTA FE - REP. MIGUEL GARCIA INTRODUCES PRIVATE FIREARM TRANSFER BAN, GUN TAX & FIREARM REGISTRATION BILL Gun control advocates are wasting no time. On the second day of the 60-day legislative session, Rep. Miguel Garcia (D-ABQ) introduced House Bill...
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    Wounded Warrior Project Anti-Gun

    My email to the Wounded Warrior Project: I am appalled to hear your position - directly from your CEO - on firearms. I am a benefactor life member of the NRA, an NRA Training Counselor and very active firearms instructor. I am also retired military, a Vietnam Veteran and will carry the scars...
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    Proposed CCW Rule Change Meeting - Energy, Mineral & Natural Resources Department

    The Energy, Mineral & Natural Resources Department will hold a public meeting on the proposed rule change to allow concealed carry in NM State Parks on October 17 in Santa Fe, for your planning purposes. More details will follow. Have a good weekend - Steve Aikens
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    AS OF 1600hrs - New Mexico Reciprocity Now 5 States

    NEW MEXICO NOW HAS RECIPROCITY WITH FOUR STATES! MO, NE, NC, ND and OK. Tell you what. Hit the link at the bottom and see just how many states NM thinks are "substantially similar" to NM. Let me help you to save you some trouble. Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut...
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    Two Reciprocity Bills: A Strong Bill verses a Compromise

    Pro-gun Senate champions John Thune (R-SD) and David Vitter (R-LA) have decided to stand their ground on their concealed carry reciprocity legislation, despite pressure from gun rights compromisers to weaken the bill. Specifically, Senators Thune and Vitter are sticking with their version of...
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    Political Climate In The NM Legislature - Long

    I get a lot of questions about why we can't get some changes made to our firearms laws here in NM - or why it's so hard to do so. One question that comes up here a lot, and rightfully so because this is an open carry forum, "Why can we carry concealed in XXXXX but we can't carry openly?" OR...
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    House Bill 206 Filed

    Rep. Zach Cook has filed HB 206 for us. ALLOWING LOADED CONCEALED HANDGUNS TO BE CARRIED IN STATE PARKS AND RECREATION AREAS. http://www.nmlegis.gov/Sessions/12%20Regular/bills/house/HB0206.pdf It has received three referrals - HCAPAC -...
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    URGENT ALERT! Legislative Help SB 26 - Repeal SB 26 Repeals Section 30-7-9

    HEARING TODAY!!!! SB 26 Repeals NMSA 30-7-9 which LIMITS out of state firearms purchases to contigeous states only. This bring NM into compliance with Federal Law only and removes the contigeous state restriction. Please contact committee members to show support for this bill. Here are the...
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    Pro-Gun Measure Pre-Filed

    Rep. Rehm has pre-filed HB 32, legislation repealing the section of New Mexico law that limits the purchase of rifles and shotguns by New Mexico residents to their home state and contiguous states. Repeal of this law eliminates restrictive language and will enable residents of New Mexico to...
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    NM Adds Louisiana

    Those of you carrying under a NM CHL may now travel and legally carry in Louisiana. NM & LA signed a reciprocity agreement yesterday. Steve Aikens
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    Help Needed. HB 140

    I wanted to ask your help with something! Evidently, a New Mexico CHL instructor has been emailing committee members AGAINST HB 140, Rep. Nate Gentry's bill to eliminate the mid-term, two hour firearms refresher course. It's hard to tell the motivation, whether it's a firm belief that more...
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    Open Carry In Liquor Establishment in Alb.

    In the event there's anyone that doesn't know our law - you can not carry a firearm openly in any licensed liquor establishment. Stuff like this http://www.koat.com/news/26938084/detail.html certainly doesn't help our goals. Steve Aikens
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    New Alcohol Law - How To Find Restaurants

    imported post I've received a number of emails and private messages here askinghow someone can find out what restaurants concealed cary licensees can legally carry - AFTER July 1st, 2010. I have created an example of exactly how to find those locations for your city on my CHL Site. Hit the...
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    URGENT HELP NEEDED-Call Gov. Richardson

    imported post Please contact Gov. Richardson ASAP and thank him for his support of the Second Amendment and request he sign Senate Bill 40 into law. You can E-MAIL HIM on his web site or CALL HIS OFFICE - (505) 476-2200. Snail mail him at Office of the Governor 490 Old Santa Fe Trail Room...
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    Legislative Help Needed NOW

    imported post I just posted this on www.handgunlaw.us NEW MEXICO - [01/31/10] SB 40 has still not been scheduled to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee. I spoke with the committee Chairman, Sen. McSorley and requested an early hearing to give us time to make it through the House. He...