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  1. Beretta92FSLady

    Cliven Bundy is a Racist.....

    Walking....here you go...straight off the FUX News Page: What's that...Hate Speech is not Legal??? Go figure! Are you stating this person did not commit a crime...that he was simply exercising his First Amendment Right to Freedom Of Speech?
  2. Beretta92FSLady

    PA School stabbing... Will they blame knives?

    So you prop up a corrupt System, along with the rest of us. You previously stated: To which I responded: Now you're stating: I don't have to show you crap, if you can't make up your mind about what you have to state. I will offer you a bone, only because it tickles my fancy, not...
  3. Beretta92FSLady

    Elections, and Primary Runoffs...

    I anticipate there will be either no comments, or comments blowing-off how these mid-mid-elections are working out for Republicans, more specifically, tea party 2.0's: Mobile, Alabama, Bradley Byrne wins over tea party 2.0'r. N.Y. has had a Republican Mayor for 20 years (RINO, according to...
  4. Beretta92FSLady

    CC, OC Free For Six Months...

    Before I break this down like a fraction I just want to clearly state: Owning, and Carrying Firearms is a Constitutional Right, PERIOD. I left OC for many months, it may have been six months, it may have been a bit less. During that time I did not CC, I did not OC. In fact, my wagon is sitting...
  5. Beretta92FSLady

    Tea Party 2.0, Please, Please, Please...

    It's been a while since I been on here, thought I would make a request to Tea Party 2.0's: Tea Party 2.0's, and your Congress-people, please, please, please, drive us over the cliff. Hope everyone is doing well; carry on.
  6. Beretta92FSLady

    Take It Easy All

    So, after much contemplation, I have decided to break loose from this forum.--the only forum that I am a member. I used to own a business, and six years ago I closed-up shop. Recently, I reopened my business, and need to occupy my time with other activities. This forum has been the sole forum...
  7. Beretta92FSLady

    Tea Party Type On Majority Rule

    So, it's been rumored that Boehner is planning to unite with Democrats on some of the major issues. Apparently he's tired of dealing with fringe-Right types. A Tea Party favorite sums up his view of Majority Rule: Rep. Tim Huelskamp, apparently Working Together is not part of your Agenda...
  8. Beretta92FSLady

    SNL Gun Control Debate, Bill

    Not funny, not boring....: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2013/04/14/saturday-night-live-on-the-toomey-manchin-gun-control-compromise/?wprss=rss_campaigns
  9. Beretta92FSLady

    CC Reciprocity Across All States In Manchin-Toomey Bill?

    I was reading a FUX News article this morning. Interesting. It looks like the pot is being sweetened. Are Republicans going to delve into the pot? It's nice to see Democrats, and some Republicans working together on this, debating it, voting on it, and seeing where the chips fall. I have...
  10. Beretta92FSLady

    war with north korea

    Kim Jung is preparing for war! He will be at the west coast by mid-November
  11. Beretta92FSLady

    Putin And I Share In Common

    I know what you mean, comrade, I know what you mean!
  12. Beretta92FSLady

    Carrey, And FUX News.

    Apparently FUX (FOX) News, and Carrey are going at it. While I don't agree with Carrey's view of firearm ownership, I think his depiction of firearm owners, and FUX News is funny, the latter, he hit the nail on the head!: I wonder if not having a sense of humor about these things is...
  13. Beretta92FSLady

    Jim Carrey v. N.R.A.. Illegal Aliens, etc...

    http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/7w3q Jimmy does a good Charlton Heston. And a fabulous hillbilly spaghetti western type.
  14. Beretta92FSLady

    Are We All Equiped To Carry, And...

    shoot another human being? I have been asking myself this question, frequently, these past couple of weeks. I know a lot of firearm owners, and I know many more individuals who do no own firearms. Some firearm owners are aggressive, some are passive; just like non firearm owners that I know...
  15. Beretta92FSLady

    President Obama Gets Heckles At Israeli Speech

    I tell you, part of the appeal of President Obama is that he's not some elitist stick in the mud that doesn't have a sense of humor: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/heckler-interrupts-major-obama-speech-israel-162737490--politics.html
  16. Beretta92FSLady

    Libtard On MSNBC Refers To U.S. As "Republic."

    Chris refers to the U.S. as a Republic. WTF is that Libtard thinking. We all know Libtards don't understand that this is a Republic.:rolleyes: Refer: 5:20, 6:30 http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3036697/ns/msnbc_tv-hardball_with_chris_matthews/#50963019 We ought to do something about this Libtard...
  17. Beretta92FSLady

    I Freking Really Really Really Like This Clip...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gujscUpONpA Hopefully this isn't a repost...I just thought I would throw it on here...see if it sticks. I enjoyed how he served it up.
  18. Beretta92FSLady

    McCain Standing In A Politcal Hole He Helped Dig

    I have to state, McCain's anti-illegal immigrant stance has come back to bite him, hard, IMO. You stoke the fire with racist undertones, well, you get what McCain is getting, an unruly crowd of, well, look at the photo of the attendees. McCain urges compassion, for law breakers? The corners...
  19. Beretta92FSLady

    McGinn Has Authority To Shut Down Gun Sales On Street, During Gun Buyback...

    This morning, on KIRO radio, McGinn was questioned about his authority to shut-down street firearm sales/purchases during the city buy-back program. McGinn stated that he has the authority to shut down street sales/purchases in Seattle. Sorry, looked, and looked, for the footage, but couldn't...
  20. Beretta92FSLady

    President Obama's Inaugural Speech.

    It's nice to see our President quote the Founding Fathers.