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  1. self preservation

    Richmond city pool 65.870 violation?

    I've received word that the Richmond city pool has a sign that reads "no weapons allowed" with a picture of a knife and handgun with the famous red line through it. Do we have any members close by to confirm this? If not, I'll start the open records request toward the end of the week to find out...
  2. self preservation

    "gun permit" = RAS/PC?

    I found myself talking about an interesting topic last week. The claim was made that if you are a gun license holder but travel to a state that doesn't recognize your permit, if traffic stopped, the officer can search your vehicle based on the fact that you are a license/permit holder and...
  3. self preservation

    Frankfort concealed carry ban.

    The city of Frankfort has passed a ban prohibiting concealed carry inside of their buildings. This was one of those "secret" ordinances considering signs went up and no one had any idea that such a ban was now in place. To my hearts delight some city employees just simply started open carrying...
  4. self preservation

    Florida preemption law

    Looking for some info on floridas preemption law. Here in KY. our preemption law forbids local government from prohibiting public employees from carrying while in the course of their duties. (Trashman, meter readers, city clerks, etc) Does Florida law allow cities and counties the right to...
  5. self preservation

    Civil liabilty for only wounding an attacker???

    I found myself in a discussion today about being sued by an attacker that you only wounded. I advised not to "finish off" an incapacitated attacker because that would be murder. I also assured them that under KY. law, if the force you used was found to be justifiable, then you would be shielded...
  6. self preservation

    Ruger LC9 front sight.

    I have Ruger LC9 that is my "pocket gun" while at work and the such. Great little gun but I have one heck of an issue keeping the front sight aligned. Every time I go to shoot it the sight has moved one direction or the other. You can apply gentle pressure with your finger and move it easily. No...
  7. self preservation

    Need some VA gun law advice.

    I have a friend that is planning a trip to VA. They are headed out in the morning (6/6/15) for a short visit. Can anyone give some 5 cent advice for their visit?
  8. self preservation

    Yet another 65.870 violation. (and a few others)

    I had the opportunity to speak with some Winchester Municipal Utilities employees today, and of course my gun came into conversation. I learned that WMU has posted some of those lovely "no guns allowed" signs on some of their buildings, as well as prohibit employees from carrying while on duty...
  9. self preservation

    Anyone carry "less lethal" weapons?

    Just curious. Like batons or pepper spray. Why or why not?
  10. self preservation

    "pro-gun myths fact check".... Have fun with this one guys.

  11. self preservation

    Why Darren Wilsons gun went "click click bang"

    Most of you already know the answer, but it never hurts to share information for those that don't. http://bearingarms.com/click-click-bang-understanding-darren-wilsons-pistol-fire/?utm_source=bafbp&utm_medium=fbpage&utm_campaign=baupdate
  12. self preservation

    Oops, I screwed around and got elected.

    Not really RKBA related, but I recently got elected to city council in my town. A few years back I addressed some illegal signage on city buildings using 65.870, a concealed ordinance was later attempted and failed, I'm familiar enough with "home rule" to argue against it if it is ever attempted...
  13. self preservation

    Roll call. How many Freemasons on OCDO?

    I'll start. Bath lodge 55, Owingsville, KY. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. self preservation

    Taking to trip to Indiana this weekend.

    As the title says, I'm taking a trip to Indiana this weekend. Can anyone give me the 5 cent educational rundown in regards to the gun laws? (Carry in restaurants, public places, local government land, etc) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. self preservation

    Land that is "un-owned" in KY. (gun related)

    While on FaceBook today, I saw the below comment posted to the Frankfort firearm group. "wanted to share this with my fellow gun lovers. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! I had an altercation this past weekend during a festival I was set up at. I wont mention the city due to legal reasons. Anyone who knows...
  16. self preservation

    96 truck stop robbery- Winchester.

    I'm sure most are familiar that this place was robbed earlier this week. The suspect has died after taking 1 bullet through a lung and the other into his face/head. After he was shot by the truck stops owner, he fled on foot for several hundred feet before collapsing onto the ground. I believe...
  17. self preservation

    Verbal 65.870 violation.

    I'll be damned. It seems as soon as you see one place come into compliance with 65.870, another place violates it. But the twist to this violation isn't signage or an ordinance, but rather a verbal order. I received an email last night from an EMT from the Powell Co. Ambulance Service. He said...
  18. self preservation

    Trying to understand ammo..

    I have been reading up on ammo specs and to say the least, I'm a little confused. I hope someone here has some insight into some of my stupid questions. I read where the 9mm has a bullet diameter of 9.01 (0.355 in) and has a maximum pressure of 35.001 psi (SAAMI standards). The .357 mag on the...
  19. self preservation

    Health department gun buster sign.

    Today, while out and about with our 7 day old daughter, I noticed a sign on the local health department doors that read "no concealed weapons" with the red line through the picture. While people where speaking with my wife and looking at our new blessing, I decided to walk over to the health...
  20. self preservation

    Would you hesitate to use deadly force against a child?

    The below link is a news story about 4 children, ages 11 to 13, that committed several burglaries and was found in possession of several handguns when arrested. The link below is them robbing an ice cream truck then pulling an air soft gun (I'm sure the trucks owner had no idea the gun was...