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  1. XD40-OD

    Rummelles Jewler Green Bay (Downtown)

    Went in to have a ring of the wife's sized Big sign on the door, no firearms talked to the manager, he got the owner She was really really nice She claims her insurance won't cover if they don't have signage. She threw me a great question. "Do you carry to protect yourself?" I replied, "No...
  2. XD40-OD

    Headed overseas for a few years this Sunday.....

    and my WI CCW comes in the mail today. I already gave my handguns to my soon-to-be Father inlaw, for safe keeping and use. :( :( :( :(
  3. XD40-OD


    I sent DD214, HS, Maryland, NRA I didn't want to mess around.
  4. XD40-OD

    Wisconsin Department of Justice - CCW Applications Web Page

    http://www.doj.state.wi.us/dles/cib/ConcealedCarry/ConcealedCarry.asp 31/10/11 23:59 hrs = ctrl R ctrl R ctrl R ctrl R ctrl R ctrl R
  5. XD40-OD

    Does anyone here like to Occupy a good Sammich with their Tea?

    If so, you may like: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Kitchen/213665782033468 Keep the shiney side up
  6. XD40-OD

    GREAT NEWS! Michelle Obama Now On Board w/ Handguns and School Training Classes

    TnA News - 9/28/2011 Hasno Jobson reporting "It seems that first lady Michelle Obama has learned of a 1948 invention to support the eating of vegetables. The Peastick was introduced as the world's first "semi-automatic" pea shooter. While the Pea stick may have failed with regards to 1950's...
  7. XD40-OD

    UW-Milwaukee Post : 9mm is faster than 9-1-1

    Not sure if this was shared, but as an Alum., it gained my attention. http://www.uwmpost.com/2011/09/19/9mm-is-faster-than-9-1-1/ Wisconsin has finally adopted concealed carry into law is great news, indeed – and long over-due. The Right to Carry movement has made great strides in the last two...
  8. XD40-OD

    WI CHL in TX?

    Anyone know if it might be allowed, or too soon to tell? I meet all the reqs for the WI one, but may be taking relocating for a job in TX. Everything about the TX one sounds like a big pain, in terms of money and time. $100s, 12hr course, 6 week wait.... In WI I meet all the reqs, in...
  9. XD40-OD

    9/24 Open Carry - Cranberry Festival

    Anyone going tomorrow?
  10. XD40-OD

    Ask an officer before private sale?

    WI law has no reqs on private sale, but being responsible, I thought I might ask a leo a simple yes or no blessing on purchaser/trader. I have a couple church buddies who are leos... Thoughts? Thanks Kahr CW9 time
  11. XD40-OD

    I don't cry

    but I might my username is my baby. We sleep together, jog together... I love her so much However, she needs to be replaced with a warm body, and I need to buy a ring. The pet shelter is full, and my timeframe is three weeks to propose. Much love oO(background check will be conducted)...
  12. XD40-OD

    Motion is raised. Does anyone second the IP ban of logatroll/logables

    I come here for information, insight and common thinking citizens. Every thread that Logtard is in, is a complete waste of my time. Do I hear a second?
  13. XD40-OD

    Anyone have the spread on IL changing their gun laws in the next year?

    If I were a betting man.... Though they are the home of the Bears and Cubs, so they like continually being in last place... I wonder if Vegas has odds yet?
  14. XD40-OD

    FREE WISCONSIN CCW COURSE ONLINE !! Don't pay, unless it's for training !

    It would be great if this were a sticky http://www.mdgunsafety.com/ It's through the Maryland Police, and meets WI requirements Don't pay, unless it's specifically for training! http://www.mdgunsafety.com/
  15. XD40-OD

    Which 'out of state' permit, paired with WI, allows for the highest number of states

    for a WI permit holder to carry in?
  16. XD40-OD

    About to blow a gasket.....

    Wisconsin Concealed Carry Basic Pistol Course Licensing $120 + 5 boxes of ammo On top of that, you then have to pay the state fee. YAY !!!!! You can CC in WI for the bargain basement price of $300 !!!!!!!!!!! Worst for me, is that this is a person I HIGHLY respect. It's being put on by...
  17. XD40-OD

    Any 'Up Nort' hunters here?

    What's the difference between Beer Nuts and Deer Nuts?
  18. XD40-OD

    Anyone purchase their ammo online?

    Just wondering where the best deal on .40 S&W is. As I've been goal setting, I'm flying through ammo...
  19. XD40-OD

    7/8 Wausau OC/CC Signing Meet-up

    Friday - July 8th (unless the signing date changes) Who is interested?
  20. XD40-OD

    30 years ago in July, Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood had a child...

    Clips, holsters, pistol belts and toys for my XD40 are appreciated. Plan ahead, order early and don't be 'that guy' who gives me my present late. Seriously, it pisses me off.