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  1. Polynikes

    Current CO Fire Restrictions

    Does anyone know if the recent fire restrictions prohibits shooting outdoors? EPSO website just says specifically,
  2. Polynikes

    "No Weapons" at Cost Cutters

    Went to get a haircut today and saw the location was posted. Sent the following letter to corporate: "On the afternoon of February 5th, my family visited the Cost Cutters location at 6894 Centennial Blvd in Colorado Springs, CO. My son and I were planning on getting haircuts and had brought a...
  3. Polynikes

    Cop accidentally kills clerk fleeing robbers

    Man, the NYPD is on a roll lately. Good thing these guns are in the hands of "trained professionals." :mad: http://m.usatoday.com/article/news/841445
  4. Polynikes

    Police: Ohio Man Had Gun, Knives At Batman Showing

    This article popped up on a local news site in the Colorado area. Wondering if any of you OH locals have additional info. http://www.kktv.com/home/headlines/Police-Ohio-Man-Had-Gun-Knives-At-Batman-Showing-165285286.html
  5. Polynikes

    The Waldo Canyon Fire Thread

    Couple photos from yesterday for those who haven't seen them. The Air Force Academy is a couple miles north of our neighborhood. The burned homes are in the Flying W area, just slightly southeast of us.
  6. Polynikes


    Yes, please. This would make one heck of an OC gun. :cool: http://www.dudeiwantthat.com/gear/weapons/double-barrel-pistol.asp
  7. Polynikes

    Colo. Gun Law Going Before Federal Appeals Court

    Will be following this with interest. :) http://www.kktv.com/mobi/home?storyid=143301996
  8. Polynikes

    Canyon Crest Liquor - Colorado Springs

    Post below. :)
  9. Polynikes

    Talk to me about carry in a public library...

    See below...
  10. Polynikes

    DIA and checked firearm procedure

    Lol! Oh no! Not the dictionary! :P According to Dictionary.com, a pistol is : By the way, not all my examples were revolvers either. The distinction between "pistol" and "revolver" is a relatively new one in the world of firearms, but growing in popularity. Traditionally, a revolver...
  11. Polynikes

    Friends with a felon...

    Sparked by this thread here, http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?95190-Visiting-a-convicted-felon-while-armed&p=1617237#post1617237, I’m hoping that some of the people here who are better versed than me in the law can jump in with some interpretation. It has recently come to my...
  12. Polynikes

    Wife's near draw experience

    The following incident occurred today to Mrs. Polynikes while shopping at the North Academy Wal-Mart in Colorado Springs. She had parked at the North edge of the parking lot and had just finished doing some shopping with our two youngins,' ages three and one. She had parked her vehicle with the...
  13. Polynikes

    Flashbang holster?

    My wife is seriously looking at one of these. It looks like a pretty neat concept and a very speedy draw with a little practice. Any ladies have any experience with them, or any guys bought one for the significant other in your lives?
  14. Polynikes

    Three separate shootings in the Springs last night.

    Busy night for CSPD. I slept with my guns a few inches closer than normal. :D Palmer Park and Powers http://www.kktv.com/home/headlines/Possible_126296373.html Flintridge and Montebello http://www.kktv.com/home/headlines/Possible_126296373.html Murray and Airport...
  15. Polynikes

    Canton Cop Threatens to Execute Driver Over Weapons Permit

    Didn't see this posted yet, hopefully no one beat me to it. http://www.rawstory.com/rawreplay/2011/07/canton-cop-threatens-to-execute-driver-over-weapons-permit/ I wonder what sort of charges the driver would be facing if he'd said something similar to the cop...:mad:
  16. Polynikes

    Letter to an anti-gun business.

    Encountered a "No Firearms" sign while taking the kids to a Chuck E Cheese tonight (google seems to confirm that this is a company wide policy) and wrote the following letter to corporate as soon as I got home. Let me know what you think. "On the evening of June 29th, my family visited your...
  17. Polynikes

    Colorado Springs OC Meet (July 16th) and helping a fellow OC'er

    For those of you not familiar with since9’s story (thread here: http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?90257-My-lease-will-not-be-renewed&highlight=Griffis+Blessing) his apartment complex has decided to not renew his lease, due, in part, to the fact that he OC’s around the property...
  18. Polynikes

    Carry at World Arena?

    My family and I will be attending the circus at the Colorado Springs World Arena tomorrow. Anyone here have any experience as to what their carry rules may be? I know this is the same facility that hosts the Gun Show of the Rockies... Both my wife and I would be carrying concealed, rules...
  19. Polynikes

    Don't shoot me!

    I had an interesting encounter with a poor pizza deliveryman over the weekend. The wife and I didn't feel like cooking so we just ordered from a nearby pizza joint. When the driver showed up, I answered the door with my XD on my hip as I always do. When I reached for the receipt to sign, he...