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  1. frommycolddeadhands

    Liberty vs Safety at the Repub Debates.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUB4_R71vwE One of the first questions asked to the Republican candidates in the Nov debates was about the patriot act, and whether or not those powers should be expanded. (youtube link, the question gets asked at 04:36, and the candidates answer in turn after...
  2. frommycolddeadhands

    Funny gun control vid on youtube.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wypFgcqHyvc What happens when the state decides when you can access your firearm.
  3. frommycolddeadhands

    Speaking of weird parents....

    http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/weird/Hitler-Parents-Claim-Judge-Found-No-Abuse-of-Adolf-Aryan-Nation.html Heath and Deborah Campbell, who named two of their children Adolf Hitler and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, are claiming that a court vindicated them of all abuse allegations last month. But...
  4. frommycolddeadhands

    Kalifornia bans open carry

    Anyone else see this coming a mile away? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/10/10/california-gov-enacts-ban-on-open-handgun-carrying/?test=latestnews State & Local - POLITICS California Gov. Enacts Ban on Open Handgun Carrying Published October 10, 2011 | Associated Press Print Email...
  5. frommycolddeadhands

    Republican Debate in Iowa. What'd ya think?

    A lot of good questions and answers at the debate earlier this week. Some very interesting first impressions of a lot of these candidates. Newt Gingrich came off very strong, I thought, even though he didn't talk much. He pushed the fact that he's been in politics for 30 years, and used to run...
  6. frommycolddeadhands

    Judge Dismisses case over National Prayer Day

    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/07/28/judge-tosses-suit-seeking-to-stop-gov-perrys-sponsorship-texas-prayer-rally/ Judge dismissed the lawsuit brought against Gov. Perry for sponsoring a Texas Prayer Day. The suit was brought on by the Freedom From Religion organization, who sued because...
  7. frommycolddeadhands

    Congressman's home invaded

    House of Representatives Congressman Who Defended Daughter Against Home Invader 'Did What Every Father Would Do' Published July 18, 2011 | Associated Press Print Email Share Comments Recommend Tweet Rep. Leonard Boswell says the man wearing a ski mask burst into the home near Lamoni July 16...
  8. frommycolddeadhands

    where can I find MO carry statues?

    My Google Kung-Fu seems to have failed me. I can't find any reliable sources for MO gun laws! Does anyone have a good link?
  9. frommycolddeadhands

    OC'er at Wally World made a difference

    My sister and my wife went out to Wal-Mart in Warrensburg, MO a while back. Understand from the get go of this story that my wife understands open carry, owns guns, knows how to use them etc. My sister on the other hand wouldn't know a shotgun from a bb pistol and is one of the biggest...
  10. frommycolddeadhands

    .44-40 rifle talk

    Hey all, I've got a b-day coming up, and since I've been wanting a new long gun for a while I figured I might as well get one. I've always been a lover of lever action guns, and although I was considering getting a 30-30, I have started considering getting a .44-40 that shoots pistol rounds...
  11. frommycolddeadhands

    A hypothetical

    imported post A while back I was in a classroom and we were given a hypothetical situation based upon a real life attack. (Sorry, no link) Basically a high school girl was at the prom, and afterward went out to the parking lot to meet up with friends. Long and short is that alcohol was involved...
  12. frommycolddeadhands

    Girl beaten in subway while THREE security guards stand idly by

    imported post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1O9YrgB8AA For those who can't view the video, a girl gets attacked while standing RIGHT NEXT to two uniformed security guards, with a third a few feet away. Girl gets beat into unconsciousness at their feet and they do absolutely NOTHING to...
  13. frommycolddeadhands

    New to Missourri

    imported post Hi all, I just recently moved from ND to MO, and I was wondering what the state laws are around here, specifically Open Carry after sundown and Open Carry in a vehicle
  14. frommycolddeadhands

    What do you carry daily

    imported post Hey all, I was reading through some posts on the True Tales and other areas, and I came across a lot of folks advocating the carry of pepper spray, tazers, knives and other such devices. A few stories seem to indicate that people carry a pistol, tazer, pepper spray, combat knife...
  15. frommycolddeadhands

    3 AM wakeup

    imported post This isn't exactly a self defense story. Nothing violent happened, it was just a strange situation that put me on high alert for a while. It's 330 in the AM, I'm upstairs in my bedroom trying to get to sleep. It's dark and raining outside and I keep hoping the pitter-patter of...
  16. frommycolddeadhands

    Cold weather question

    imported post Hey all, I'm still fairly new at the carrying game, and I had a question. I live in sunny Grand Forks, North Dakota, and the temperature the past few days has been minus 17 with a minus 30-40 windchill. Usually when I'm out and about I have my .380 ppk in a nylon holster inside a...
  17. frommycolddeadhands

    Coach guns

    imported post Hey all, Well, with Christmas right around the corner, and the fact that me and the lovely wife are moving into a new house, I'm seriously considering getting a nice double barrel 20 ga coach gun to help protect the castle. Does anyone have one? What do you like/dislike. Is there...
  18. frommycolddeadhands

    Gangbanger logic.

    imported post I've got a buddy at work who is my polar opposite in every way, aside from age group and occupation. He's a young black democrat from NYC, I'm a young white republican from smalltown appalachia. We love working together because we're both talkative, and we get into the best...