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  1. Schlepnier

    Heading indoors-south sound meet 26 oct 2014

    Well fall is here and the outdoor fun has ended so were heading back to cabelas in lacey for our next meet- The when- Sunday oct 26 at 4PM-6PM the where-cabelas lacey cafeteria next to the soda machines. See you there.
  2. Schlepnier

    september OC meetup in the south sound-tentative.

    Well as always life is a bit busy, I see the big august meet never happened, at least that I saw, so I am putting out the feelers for a little meet in September. I'm eyeing sunday the 21st around 4pm, were we end up really depends on the weather. I am all for hitting up cabelas again if the...
  3. Schlepnier

    July south sound meet-20 july sunday

    Well last month kinda fissled so I will try again for July. hopefully more people will see the post this time. South sound meetup- where- The historical park at the old brewery in lacey(Tumwater) right below the Thurston county courthouse. Address: 777 Simmons Ln SW, Tumwater, WA 98501...
  4. Schlepnier

    June south sound OC meetup- tentative-22 june 2014

    So guys if the weather holds on, I figure we can give cabelas a break and enjoy the outdoors a bit with a psudo picnic. This is of course subject to change if need be. let me know if this works for anybody who wants to come out- The historical park at the old brewery in lacey(Tumwater) right...
  5. Schlepnier

    South sound april meetup

    Hey looking forward to having some face time with guys so I am giving you 2 weeks to check your schedules. The when-27 april 2014 (sunday) from 2-4 PM The where-cabbella's Lacey food court by the soda machine
  6. Schlepnier

    March south sound meet

    Well it is that time again. I figure a week advanced notice should be enough however if Sunday MAR 16 isn't enough time let me know. The plan is as usual Cabellas (lacey) food court by the soda machines between 2-4 pm if you can make it. :banana:
  7. Schlepnier

    feb south sound cabellas meetup

    Hey its that time again, lets get together for a little snack and some socializing The where-cabellas-lacey store The when- 2-4 pm sunday feb 16 hope to see you at the food court. cheers- matt
  8. Schlepnier

    Cabellas south sound meetup for jan 20 2014

    Cabellas south sound meetup for jan 19 2014 Well its a new year and all so after some time for the holidays I figured we should get the new year off to a start with the next south sound meet. As usual your all invited to that evil cabellas (lacey/olympia) for a little food and socializing...
  9. Schlepnier

    South sound cabelas meetup-17 nov 2013

    Time for our next OC monthly meet-up : The usual place and time lacey Cabelas from 2-4 pm 17 Nov 2013. hope to see you there. Cheers...
  10. Schlepnier

    OCT south sound meetup-20 oct 2013

    the where- cabellas dining area-lacey Washington The when- 2-4pm sunday October 20 from 2-4 pm. See you there.
  11. Schlepnier

    Venue change-south sound meetup 29 sept 2013

    With the new starbucks official unofficial ban of open carry we have had to change our south sound meet ups so we are switching to the resturaunt area at cabellas in lacey The rescheduled time is 2-4pm 29 sept 2013
  12. Schlepnier

    South sound meetup-22 sept 2013

    South sound meetup-29 sept 2013 See below for updated time and location.
  13. Schlepnier

    South sound meetup 18 AUG 2013

    Well I am sure we all enjoyed the open carry picnic, however we have not had an OC meetup for august yet so here goes where: Lacey Starbucks Martin Way Station 4250 Martin Way Olympia, WA 985165317 When: 18 AUG 2pm-4pm
  14. Schlepnier

    Sunday south sound meetup 12 may 2013

    Well given the busy schedule for may I decided to nix the picnic until June. So back to starbucks in lacey from 2pm-4pm.
  15. Schlepnier

    OC picnic-

    Well it may be about time, if the weather holds i'm shooting for a south sound picnic We will try and make it like last time where everybody brings a little something. I still have the green tote full of plates, napkins, forks knives etc... I will also be bringing some hotdogs, ketchup...
  16. Schlepnier

    South sound sunday meetup for april-21 arpil 2013

    Hey guys and girls its that time again. sadly the weather isn't nice enough for a picnic yet so back to starbucks we go. Sunday 21 april 2013 2-4 pm 4250 Martin Way Olympia, WA
  17. Schlepnier

    South sound meetup-17 march 2013

    Yes another month has gone by and it is time once again for another starbucks run. the details- when-sunday march 17 at 2PM where- 4250 Martin Way East Olympia, WA 98516 See ya there!
  18. Schlepnier

    Thank you -Cato institute

    If you have not seen it yet- the well respected CATO institute is backing the facts and building an interactive map database for DGU's by citizens to counter the misinformation being spouted by the anti's http://www.cato.org/guns-and-self-defense Check it out and add to it.
  19. Schlepnier

    South sound sunday meetup-olympia 17 FEB 2013

    Time again for our south end meetup-same place as usual for the winter unless somebody has a different spot in mind- where-Starbucks 4250 Martin Way East Olympia, WA 98516 when-2pm to 4pm-ish
  20. Schlepnier

    New year, time to get the ball rolling-south sound sunday meetup 1/20/13

    Well i figured since nobody else has taken the lead yet i would get this started- I am looking at sunday(3rd of the month) jan 20th for our usual starbucks monthly indoor meetup(unless you all want to go someplace else) Im gonna shoot for a 2pm meet up this time since we have people missing...