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  1. Wolfstanus

    Stephen Barton ad.

    It was getting slammed with thinking and poking holes in the logic before they disabled comments but I said. http://youtube.com/watch?v=9yT8CSgh43E "Yeah it's bad you got shot (IN A GUN FREE ZONE) by a criminal. (WHO DIDN'T CARE IF IT WAS A GUN FREE ZONE) but. "48,000 will be murdered with...
  2. Wolfstanus

    I went to McDonalds the other day.

    And oh my it was busy. I was ocing and placed my elbow on it. Oh it was a mess in there and lots of kids running around... And the play pen was empty o_O Anyways I get to the counter order my food and stand to the side with kids literally bumping into my strong side. Not so much as a sorry from...
  3. Wolfstanus

    Looking for a new 1911 for EDC.

    Yes stupid time for me. Im looking at getting a brand new replacment 1911... I can't get in contact with Auto Ord and when I do im on hold for an hour+ then get hung up on. No answers to my emails too. So I think im going to replace it as it only has a one year warranty and customer service...
  4. Wolfstanus

    I carry?! Why I does?

    Why I does carry sidearm? In the past 5 years at work and at home. I have had 4 swat suburbans drop by work because we ruined their plans at a quiet nab of 2 guys wanted for armed robbery, breaking and entry, home invasion etc etc. needless to say we had swatteams storm our castle and tell...
  5. Wolfstanus

    Thanked a man from NM for carying in the store.

    I saw a guy oc in my store. (not mine but I work there) I had noticed he had a holster on his leg but no gun and I wanted to walk up and ask him a question or two but I was busy. Later on I heard him ask the front lady if we had watches and she said no. I ended up running to the front and...
  6. Wolfstanus

    A old woman just thanked me.

    I was just thanked at work by a 70+ year old woman for OC. She walked in picked her photos up from me and looked at me for a long moment and said "Thank you for carrying your pistol in town". We started talking about random political things and the UN attempts at taking away rights etc and the...
  7. Wolfstanus

    Hello there. I'm new to the forum.

    My brother (torquemaster69) told me to join. So I did. I'm however not new to open carry. I have been doing it for almost 2 years now. Used to carry a m&p but now carry an Auto Ordanance 1911a1.