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  1. Vader33

    Santa Fe OC, the wrong way...

    I found this on YouTube and wanted to see what our OC brethren in the Land of Enchantment thought of this fellow, presumably from South Carolina, and how he went about his OC encounter with SFPD. http://youtu.be/8BwQQSo9YX4 In my opinion, you don't walk up on a traffic stop while OC'ing and...
  2. Vader33

    Define "Preemption"

    As it refers to US law vs Colorado State and a Municipal law/ordinance. Because I are confused...what's the point in a county or municipality ordinance regarding OC, CC, or any other C if the 2A trumps it? And why is Denver City/County allowed to be different? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Vader33

    My Letter to Our US Senators from Colorado

    I sent this letter to both Senators. Hopefully we all share similar views (except for one, I'm sure). I'm not trying to toot my own horn or be an attention floozy, but with the thread about the letter to the Representative in Boulder as inspiration (and yeah I stole a line or two...), I...