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  1. twoskinsonemanns

    Guns in vehicles business/employer parking lot.

    Just curious what people here think. In my state there is a proposal for a bill to make it illegal for businesses to ban their employees from leaving guns in their cars if they are parked on the business's private property. Would you support this legislation? Would you be concerned it would...
  2. twoskinsonemanns


    +1 I took advantage of the very convenient early voting.
  3. twoskinsonemanns

    Lack of respect for authorities

    I believe the lack of due respect for officers of the law is a growing problem today. I seem to recall plenty of criminals getting killed fighting with police in the past. Now it seems there are more and more shootings involving people who aren't actually any threat but force the authorities to...
  4. twoskinsonemanns

    Full Auto Owner's?

    There, but for the lack of thousands, go I.
  5. twoskinsonemanns

    Your opinions: Where is it improper to carry?

    I was reading another thread wherein someone stated there are venues in which it is proper to ban firearms. So I was thinking I would like to hear people's opinions on where it is improper to carry. Also please feel free to specify OC or CC if one or the other both not both would be improper...
  6. twoskinsonemanns

    Defend vs Alter the Constitution

    I saw in a state forum a comment that got me thinking. I did not want to butt in to their state thread and derail it so I thought I would make a post and see if there is any interest in discussing it. Simplified, the comment was that a politician had no choice but to vote anti-gay because the...
  7. twoskinsonemanns

    I've seen all kinds of gun transactions...but not this

    Just watched the movie "kill the messenger". Reminds me of the saying
  8. twoskinsonemanns

    WV Constitutional Carry bill retains voluntary CHP system?

    West Virginia Citizens Defense League has introduced a bill (SB 347 ) The Bill is nick named "WV 3-22 Carry" as 3-22 is the WV RKBA statute of the WV Constitution. Anyway it is a "constitutional carry" bill however it also has specific language to keep a voluntary CHP permit system in place. The...
  9. twoskinsonemanns

    Eric Holder does something...correctly?

    Scale back of civil asset forfeiture...wow. I never thought I'd see EH do anything not evil. http://reason.com/blog/2015/01/16/eric-holder-orders-end-to-doj-program-th
  10. twoskinsonemanns

    Man kills 2 cops in apparent retaliation for police killings NYC

    http://thefreethoughtproject.com/2-nypd-cops-killed/ "According to the New York Post, the officers were working overtime as part of a anti-terrorism drill when they were approached by a single gunman who shot the officers at point blank range on the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins avenues." This...
  11. twoskinsonemanns

    The police claims that this video exonerates them .... what do you think?

    Such a tired argument. You have faith. Faith in your righteous brothers. Video or any other evidence must not be able to explain the simple fact of the purity of all cops. Thus the tired ol argument of there are other intangibles unexplainable to the unrighteous that absolve all cops of all...
  12. twoskinsonemanns

    Gifting a handgun

    I know CO has recently been victimized by 2A infringements so I thought I'd ask my question here. I do not live in CO. I have a family member in CO that I will visit soon and wanted to gift him a handgun. Is this legal? Thanks.
  13. twoskinsonemanns

    New HK45 . Anyone have one?

    I just picked up my new HK45 yesterday. I can't wait to shoot it. Anyone have one or experience shooting one?
  14. twoskinsonemanns

    They are watching. Facebook posts lead to arrest, psych eval

    http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/citizen-warrior/2012/aug/22/can-government-detain-you-over-facebook-posts/ snip WASHINGTON, August 22, 2012 — Brandon J. Raub, a 26-year-old pro-liberty activist, former U.S. Marine, and Virginia resident, was arrested after authorities...
  15. twoskinsonemanns

    Good self defense/ pro 2A attorney in WV?

    I've been asking this via PMs and other threads but thought I would just put it out there in it's own thread. Can anyone make a recommendation of a good WV attorney? I hope I never need his/her services but I want to make contact ahead of time in case the worst ever happens.
  16. twoskinsonemanns

    Political Profiling of “Constitutionalist” Turns Simple Domestic Call Into Swat Raid!

    Wonder how many of us have been "flagged" just for being on this site?..... http://www.infowars.com/political-profiling-of-a-constitutionalist-turns-simple-domestic-call-into-full-on-swat-raid/ A farming family in Letha, Idaho recently had their house raided and were assaulted after a neighbor...
  17. twoskinsonemanns

    Out of state requires photo copy state issued ID to make repair... Law?

    I was told I had to send a copy of a state issued ID along with a AR lower back to the manufacturer in order to have it repaired under warranty. They claim it is an ATF regulation. Can someone link this regulation for me. I have not heard of it. I just received a firearm a week ago that I sent...
  18. twoskinsonemanns

    Glock 36 or XDS

    I'm looking for a very compact .45 Glock has great rep. But the XDS is oh so sexy and small. Anyone have experience with the XDS? I've seen some trouble reports on the internet but was wondering if anyone on here had one.
  19. twoskinsonemanns

    Does WV have any real online gun trading site?

    I have seen a couple but they a very dead, or not managed. Is the Valley Trader the only real way to find face to face gun sales?