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  1. 509rifas

    Yakima county district court-Grandview in compliance

    I went to the district court to file some papers for a thing, right inside is the security desk and some signs about subject to search entering court rooms and I asked the deputy if I could check in a weapon. He asked what kind, told him a firearm, he asked what I was there for, he says if I'm...
  2. 509rifas

    OT: RCW 9.41.220 and M-16 Bolt Carriers

    I've seen on numerous websites that M-16 bolt carriers do not ship to Washington. Presumably, this is because of RCWs 9.41.220 and 9.41.190: While this would obviously apply to DIASs and LLs as they are necessary and soley intended for FA, does this apply to the bolt carrier, disconnector...
  3. 509rifas

    Congressional candidate may face charges for demanding lockbox for guns at courthouse

    http://dailysunnews.com/news/2014/jun/03/fourth-district-hopeful-may-face-charges-courthous/ Video http://youtube.com/watch?v=E2Yo9qXVyDs
  4. 509rifas

    Question about getting a gun back "seized" during DUI (not me)

    Somebody posted something on a local newspaper forum about a gun seized during a DUI stop, and the WSP won't return the gun. I *think* I know who the individual was, and there was some dispute in that case about medical condition (documented) that cause someone to blow DUI when they're not, but...
  5. 509rifas

    visiting OR, trying to understand OC law

    I'm going to be in OR this weekend, and reading the laws is a bit confusing, coming from WA where laws are straightforward and uniform throughout the state. Part of the time I will bein Portand, and I understand there is an OC ban or something similar? Also, is there anything about unconcealed...
  6. 509rifas

    For the "I'm shooting whatever comes through that door" people (happened to me)

    For the "I'm shooting whatever comes through that door" people (happened to me) I hear a lot of (or read, more correctly) how people are going to shoot whoever comes crashing through the door without knocking first. Well, it kinda happened to me (my house, I was at work, fortunately) and my...
  7. 509rifas

    Restoration of possession rights under under 9.41.040(4)a

    I've seen a few threads on here about restoration of possession rights, but haven't found any specific forms, mostly links to lawyers who charge $1-2000 to do it. But under the law, it looks like you can just petition a court as long as the basic requirements have been met, but I can't find any...
  8. 509rifas

    Experience with filing suit against LEAs

    I had an "incident" last week that involved me getting arrest for filming. I've had a lot of encouragement, even from LEOs, and no discouragement, in filing a suit. The city seems to be jerking me around at this point, not responding to my RCW 42.56 PRA requests (really bad idea) and whatnot...
  9. 509rifas

    I was arrested for filming police tonight

    So I heard a commotion outside, turns out SWAT was raiding my neighbors house again. Heard a flashbang then walked down to film it. I was there for a while, maybe 20 minutes with no problems. Then I started talking to a young woman who asked me if I had it on camera when they pointed guns at...
  10. 509rifas

    What holster will attach to Uncle Mike's LE Platform?

    I thought I was ordering a complete leg holster on Amazon, turned out to just be the platform. Does anyone know what will attach to this thing? http://www.opticsplanet.com/uncle-mike-s-law-enforcement-black-kydex-tactical-holster-platform-w-straps.html
  11. 509rifas

    OT: Interesting and surprising LEO stop... (video too)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS7VGE8l4pM I was stopped a couple days ago while riding my bike on the sidewalk without the light on (the legal technicalities are explained in the video) and I had what for me was a very unusual LEO stop. First of all, lights are not required on the sidewalk, and...
  12. 509rifas

    Case law regarding IDing yourself...

    I've looked over everything I can regarding IDing yourself in MRSC and LEO Digest. From what I understand as per Terry V Ohio (which I think may have been partially overruled at the federal level but not state) is that when detained, we do not have to show ID: "[10] Arrest - Detention for...
  13. 509rifas

    Best program for adding captions or subtitles to RKBA video?

    I have a few videos of me being "mistaken" for a "suspect" while CCing (twice this year) and some of the audio is not really clear, and before I post it public to youtube I would like to caption it so it is clear. (There are some 'refuse to identify' issues as well,) but as we all know, "**damm...
  14. 509rifas

    Hidden Camera Video: stopped for matching suspect descriptin while CCing

    This is something I'd always been afraid of: looking like a suspect while carrying all my gear (gun, knife, flashlight, extra mag, camera, etc) and dealing with trying to explain it. While in a "gang neighborhood," being in your 20s, etc. I was stopped about 12:30 or 1 am for ostensibly...
  15. 509rifas

    Returning member intro

    I was a member on here for a few years but have been on leave (CCing) for a while. I was on from about 2008-2011. I can't log in to/am trying to distance myself from my old avatar. I am an amateur lawyer (not really but people come to me for case law) largely because of what I learned on...
  16. 509rifas

    State V Casad not precedential

    I don't know if this has been mentioned here before but State V Casad is an unpublished opinion, meaning: it is not law. It's on the state info for WA and kinda insinuates that it is law, but it is not. Unpublished opinion is not law. What it is is just exemplary. That is, that is how State...