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  1. Not A Victim

    Hubbard mayor speading lies to deter people from carry guns into city library.

    http://whotv.com/2015/12/15/hubbard-will-note-vote-on-banning-guns-on-city-property/ Their exit no such law in Iowa. I'm guessing the law Simmerman is misinterpreting is the 1000 feet penalty enhancement zone. Somebody in Hubbard needs to challenge the mayor over this. If it were illegal to...
  2. Not A Victim

    Just got my carry permit illegally seized by deputy. (Video)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ_UgNZxv5c&feature=youtu.be This is total BS. No where in Iowa law does it say I'm required to carry a paper copy of my carry permit. It just says I have to have a valid permit in my possession. I gave the deputy a valid permit and he calls it a "courtesy card"...
  3. Not A Victim

    Carrying a sword?

    I know swords are not protected in the Iowa firearms preemption so local authorities can write up ordinances to ban them within city limits. I read through all the city ordinances for Le mars and I can't find anything that says carrying a blade that exceeds a certain length is illegal. I'm not...
  4. Not A Victim

    James Yeager-Open Carry is Stupid - Part 3 - Starbucks.

  5. Not A Victim

    Open carry City/Town Hall?

    I plan on open carrying when I go to vote this November. Is it legal to open carry in a City/Town Hall?