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  1. NoTolerance

    Well Armed Radio

    I'd like to extend an invitation to you all to "tune in" to a weekly web-based radio program hosted by Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry, Inc, called Well Armed Radio. Well Armed Radio airs on Sunday nights from 7:30pm to roughly 9pm (usually closer to 9:30pm). The program, along with on-demand...
  2. NoTolerance

    Non-legal Stop Outside of Home District

    My dad shared a story with me over the weekend about a friend's encounter. As I don't know all the actors involved, this is all second-hand information; a "friend of a friend" type story. Given that, let's just assume things played out the way I describe here, as relayed to me. We'll call my...
  3. NoTolerance

    Ten Thousand Spoons When All You Need is a Knife

    I spent this past weekend in Fond du Lac with a group of friends. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't encounter a single gun buster sign all weekend - except at the Bob and Rocco Gun Show (which, technically, was in Oshkosh). Sorry, Ms. Morissette, but unlike "rain on a wedding day", this...
  4. NoTolerance

    Mag limits infringe on 2nd amendment right to be able to defend yourself

    Who said anything about a one-round limit?? The POTUS wants a 10-round limit. NY went with 7. No one has been ridiculous enough to suggest a single round limit (yet). Smaller Guns = More Guns, right? I guess I should have used my sarcasm font...
  5. NoTolerance

    Obama hasn't messed witrh my guns

    Dear Shoobee: Just sayin'. Carry on.
  6. NoTolerance

    ANOTHER Man Arrested for Carrying at Dark Knight

    http://www.norwichbulletin.com/newsnow/x1412423999/Connecticut-man-with-gun-at-Dark-Knight-Rises-arrested#axzz22yKOBo3P Apparently 12 sheep decided to cave to martial law: I'd like to know how anyone knew he had a concealed gun to begin with. Link to Post in CT Sub-Forum
  7. NoTolerance

    It's official, MKEGal charged with 941.23

    Or just click on this:
  8. NoTolerance

    Need a CYA Video Camera?

    RCA EZ2100 720p HD Digital Camcorder, 3MP, 2x Digital Zoom, 2.0” LCD, Li-Ion, microSDHC $24.99 on woot.com today. Seems like a decent price for a pocket-sized video camera.
  9. NoTolerance

    Looking for Holster: EAA Witness P Carry

    I'm trying to help a friend find a decent IWB holster for an EAA Witness P Carry - 9mm. I've found a few options, but nothing great yet. He really likes the style of the Ugly Holster (uglyholsters.com), but they've temporarily suspended their drop-off service. Does anyone have any suggestions...
  10. NoTolerance

    Proof Mothers Never Stop Embarrassing Their Children

    It's something of a tradition. For years now, my brother and I take our grandfather to breakfast on Sunday mornings. Often, our father and my son will come, too. It's kind of nice having 4 generations of family represented. This past Sunday, my mother and grandmother joined us. As we're...
  11. NoTolerance

    Need an FFL

    With the boom in gun purchases, supply and demand is in full swing. Seems like all the FFLs are jacking prices up for transfers. Can anyone recommend an FFL in the greater Milwaukee area that still has reasonable prices? The guy I normally use just jacked up his fees, too. On a side note...
  12. NoTolerance

    Rules, Rules, Everywhere There's Rules...

    I really wish those passing these laws and statutes on gun control were required to spend a week - or even a day - carrying. I'm in my open carry infancy still. I've only been doing it for a few months. Before I started, I landed here, read as much information as I could absorb, familiarized...
  13. NoTolerance

    Need Advice

  14. NoTolerance

    Wisconsin stores that infringe upon our rights (v2)

    I stopped at Gander Mountain in Franklin today. I was open carrying. As I reached the inner doors, I noticed this sign: That photo was actually taken of another, identical sign posted in the holsters aisle. I've see others post Gander signs specifying they will respect concealed AND open...
  15. NoTolerance

    OC Stories

    No more OC at Gander? Gander Mountain in Franklin, WI today: That was posted on the inner door and above the holsters in the display aisle.