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    Handgun posession w/ CPL and nonCPL holders in vehicle in transortation ??

    Hey, Folks. I have questions about legal posession of handgun in transporting handguns in vehicle. Can a CPL holder claim posession of nonCPL holder's handgun in either his own vehicle or in the nonCPL holder's vehicle? If so, what constitutes posession in the vehicle? Some insight would be...
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    First OC LEO encounter!

    imported post Hi Guys, It was only a matter of time that I was stopped on my Harley while OCing. I was helping my Girlfriend and housemate move into new house in Taylor, I had my truck and my trailor over there and I came over on my bike to help finish up carrying stuff in. I left to go to...
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    Any recommendation for good voice recorder app?

    imported post Hey guys, I just got a new Motorola DROID. Doing this post on it. Pretty cool. Anyway, I want to get an APP to do voice recording. I'd like to activate it by voice. Anyone know of good one? There's about a thousand from which to choose.
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    Continue to shop at Meijer to continue the Awareness

    imported post I guess I have opposing experiences and views of Meijer. I have shopped their stores for many many years and enjoy getting what I want at good price, and I support a Michigan based company. There's a Wallyworld across the street, but I rarelly go in there. My preference. I OC in...
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    Watched a program about terrorists attcking a Mall

    imported post Hi Guys, I watched a program on Spike last night about a reenactment of a terrorist attack on a Mall in Smalltown, USA. They said it was a prime target for killing poeple since it was a "soft target" situation. You know unarmed women& children, etc. It showed some things to do...
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    HI OCrs, new here w/a couple of Questions

    imported post Hi, I have read most of the Michigan posts and stories on OC on this forum for last couple of weeks. I have CPL and CC daily. I have OCd in UP while hunting going to restarant, gas station, etc, but not in daily activity. I may OC after I get more info and are totally prepared as...