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    Denied firearm purchase

    A couple of weeks back I was denied a firearm purchase. I then took the next course of action which was to get into contact with the FBI/NICS appeals services,they said I could fax them a request for information on why I was denied. So I complied and a few days later I receive a written...
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    I would like to know why police slap you with DC when you OC in public?

    I am an OC rookie and I have been slapped with a disorderly conduct ticket for carrying my firearm properly holstered in public. I don't understand why this happened I follow all the laws in my state(DE)when it comes to open carry. Has this happened to anyone before in DE?
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    As of Aug. 2010 what are the current laws and regulations on open carry in Delaware?

    I am new to open carrying and I don't want to break any laws because I was not informed of current laws on open carry regulation. I would like to get as much information on the subject as I can possibly get.