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  1. J

    Kimber 10mm

    imported post Does anyone on the board have any experience with Kimber's 1911 models chambered in 10mm? I currently have a pair of G20's, and am considering a Kimber. The 10mm is a hotter round than the "normal" 1911's 45 ACP, so I am concerned about reliability. Any experience, information or...
  2. J

    OC in Durham

    imported post The NC area doesn't get too many posts, so I have decided to add one, even though I am simply reporting non-events. As has been my custom for many years (see my numerousposts inthe VA section, whereI still spend nearly halfof my time since my wife still lives just outside of...
  3. J

    December Richmond Fellowship Meeting

    imported post OK, I'll start the thread for December, even though the third Tuesday is the 16th, and I'm stuck working. Any suggestions for a location?
  4. J

    Carry in Wal-Mart

    imported post I was just chatting with my friend and co-worker about all things guns, and we were discussing carry in general and OC in particular. Our discussion and my subsequent research has brought up two questions, and I would appreciate any input on either one. NC law prohibits (at...
  5. J

    Edged weapons

    imported post In the context of a back-up a primary weapon, or perhaps as an alternate when one is required to disarm, are there any suggestions out there as to quality defensive knives, available training, etc.?
  6. J

    Thigh Holster

    imported post There have been several references to thigh holsters here, but no thread dedicated to the subject that I can find. I own one, and like it, but I am concerned about the impact that wearing it in public may have. We encourage each other to dress and act extra professionally when...
  7. J

    Body Armor

    imported post Does anyone here, excluding LEO or military while on duty, wear body armor on a regular basis? I have a level IIIA vest that I wore from time to time until my waistline outgrew it, and I am considering the purchase of a level IIA or II vest in my new size. I was wondering what the...
  8. J

    Carry w/o Permit in Vehicle

    imported post It is generally understood that in Virginia, one may carry a loaded weapon inside a car without a permit as long as it is in plain view. Earlier tonight, I was asked by a family member to find the law. Despite my best efforts, I can not find any statute that addresses this. The...
  9. J

    8 Employees Stabbed at Tenn. Grocery Store

    imported post http://apnews1.iwon.com//article/20060722/D8J0QQ300.html
  10. J

    Orlando Set to Shatter Homicide Record

    imported post http://apnews1.iwon.com/article/20060721/D8J0JRU82.html This isn't an OC-related story, and while the news isn't good, it isn't an extremely negative article when everything is considered in context. It does buck the crime rate trend in shall-issue states, though. "Most of...
  11. J

    Carry on Greyhound/Public Transportation

    imported post Early this morning, I traveled by bus for the first time since I was a child. I OC'ed into the Richmond station yesterday, picked up my ticket from Will Call, and exited with no comments, looks, or other reactions that I noticed. The entry doors are not posted, so I didn't give it...