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    Just got kicked out of Walmart

    Officer Martin and Officer Woods tried to arrest me for no reason at the Gastonia Walmart about an hour ago. Woods approached me and asked if I minded putting my weapon in my car claiming multiple people have complained. I told him that was ridiculous "I've been here two minutes. Who could have...
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    3-year-old shot thumb with officer's gun

    Friday, outside the ABC store on Cox Road in Gastonia a child and Mother were left waiting in a car while the driver went into the store. Moments later a 911 call was placed. The toddler managed to shoot off his left thumb with a weapon left in the car. How terrible and so inconceivable. I...
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    New Neighbor Say's "Firearms OK!"

    imported post We had a new neighbor move in across the street. (Darn! I wanted to buy that house in a year or 5) They have children our age. ^_^ We introduced ourselves a couple of weeks ago and our kids have been playing together ever since. My gf has been over more than I have. Not knowing...
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    Does anyone have a Sig Sauer Mosquito?

    imported post Need an OC holster for my GF. It has a laser on it that extends a hair past the barrel. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Help with gun laws please?

    imported post I am currently reading through pages and pages of statutes and pdf's. I have found the answers to many question but a few still elude me. 1. State Parks, can I carry there? In reading N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-269.4 I am still not sure. I was planning on visiting Crowder's Mountain...
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    Best Buy General Manager gets a lesson on store policy

    imported post I had a less than pleasant experience at a store I have been shopping at for years. As a matter of fact, my very first paycheck went to best buy in it's entirety if memory serves. I walked into the Gastonia, NC location around 11:45 local time. The Greeter named Courtland...
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    Open Carry Event in NC?

    imported post I have read of a few OC dinners and would like to know if there are any events planned for NC anytime soon? Gaston County would be great since I live so close. :D
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    OC stories by Sam

    imported post I first OC'd at Walmart. It was a rush, as any new experience. Situational awareness has a new meaning to me now. Thankfully no one asked me about my firearm because I had just got it (my first) and probably would have grinned the entire conversation. Now once at Walmart there...