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    Heads up on Pocket Recorders!

    imported post Means that Circuit City is closing out - all their products are at least 20% off right now. I was in there today and saw quite a few pocket recorders in stock. At least 20-25. This is a good chance to pick up a high quality recorder for the price of lesser models.
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    Stopped by NPD Asst. Chief for OC. ALERT!

    imported post As referenced in my OC log, last night my 18 year old brother and I were OC'ing with my girlfriend and under 18 brother. Asst. Chief Kingsbury of the NPD stopped us and was of the opinion that handgun possession is illegal by those under 21. I depated the law with him for 12...
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    Official Idaho OC Indepence Day thread

    imported post One thread for all Idaho OC related Independence day activities. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL! "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!"
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    Treasure Valley Shooting Forum

    imported post Ok guys, if you have non OC related ID questions, can I recommend that you register on BoiseShooters.com and carry out that stuff over there? I may be way out of my lane by posting this on here, but lets try to keep the non-OC stuff in the General Discussion on OCDO, or move the...
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    VOTING on the 27th Primary

    imported post Consider voting absentee now instead of on the 27th. Why? Most of us have to vote in gun free zones. For example, my precincts polling place is located in a school. Be sure to Open Carry when you go to vote. Make sure your county's election office is not in a courthouse and...
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    OC discussion on Lightfighter

    imported post I don't know if there are any other LF'ers on here but there is quite a discussion going on lightfighter.net about Open Carry. Verry interesting and seeing some peoples opinions. http://lightfighter.net/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/1931084651/m/7031046373?r=2961023473#2961023473
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    LA Times Guns on campus poll

    imported post You all know what to do! http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-guns5mar05,0,938551.story?vote36400874=1
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    Nampa Walmart OC incident.

    imported post *Note* This is the first time I've gone into Wal-Mart in probably 2-3 months because of negative reactions to other posters here on OCDO. This incident happend less that 45 minutes ago. 2056 MST. Walk into Wal-Mart OC'ing. Wearing a plain T-shirt tucked in and respectable...
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    "How scary is Open Carry" on thehighroad

    imported post If your on thehighroad.org, join in the debate. I just browze occasionally over there and though that some of you guys who are on it should pitch in to help support our cause. http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=252431
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    Urgent - Nampa City Hall at 1900hrs on Feb 6th.

    imported post Something is going on tonight. All I know is that it involves the 2nd Amendment. I will be there. Please OC if you normally dont! It will show your support for the 2nd. Hopefully this is nothing serious, but you never know.
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    John McCain add on OCDO?

    imported post I see a John McCain ad at the bottom of the OCDO page. Is there something that can be done to get rid of this. IIRC, OCDO didn't want to support any particular political candidate. This ad might give the false impression to the fence sitters/let wing/anti-gun establishment that...
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    Media Coverage

    imported post So if we can get a pamphlet together really soon, I can get us some coverage in the Idaho Press Tribune. Talked to the Crime and Law Enforcement reporter today - contact through work, know her somewhat. She is open to writing a story about us. Just wants some info about what we do...
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    Nampa Sportsmans Wearhouse Firearms Sign

    imported post So does this have anythign to do with OC at all? I have OC'd into this store multiple times and nobody has bothered me, but it isn't as clear as the other Sportsmans sign (Meridian).
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    USA Today 2nd Amendment Poll **VOTE**

    imported post VOTE YES. SPREAD THE WORD. http://www.usatoday.com/news/quickquestion/2007/november/popup5895.htm
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    Bug Out Bag - Go Bag

    imported post I have a BOB and always throw it in the vehicle I am driving to work. It doesn't ride with me at work - usually only in a vehicle for 10-15 minutes. However I am working on a BOB for carry while driving cars for work. If you don't know what a BOB is, Hokie94Sheepdog, made a...
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    New to the Forum

    imported post I'm new to this forum, DUH! Read a little on it here and there, but decided to register and join the fun. Was not award that OC was legal until I was having a conversation with Idaho Corsair and the subject came up. That encouraged me to go home and read the laws. I did so. Now...