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  1. Big Gay Al

    Does anyone know

    Can any one tell me, when did Oklahoma originally LOSE the right to Open carry?
  2. Big Gay Al

    Another school board looking to ban open carry.

    Trustees want tougher gun-carry ban in schoolsI had to look this town up. I didn't realize it was in Michigan. I especially liked the comment by the proposer of the ban: Like she even knows who I, or any other OCer really is. She has NO CLUE how much training I've had, or not had. It's...
  3. Big Gay Al

    Schools go into lockdown after volunteer asks to 'open carry' handgun

    Is this going overboard, or what? Millington Schools were briefly put on "modified lockdown" early Monday afternoon following an incident involving a gun. I'm sort of on the fence. On the one hand, I'd like to think the schools my boys go to would react this way to the threat of a gun on...
  4. Big Gay Al

    Dearborn school board passes resolution prohibiting Open carry in schools

    http://dearborn.patch.com/groups/schools/p/new-board-resolution-sends-strong-message-on-school-safety I could have sworn that pre-emption trumps this. I guess they didn't read the law.
  5. Big Gay Al

    SB 59 pulled?

    Just out of curiosity, did anyone email Frank Foster (Other than me)? And if you did, did you receive a reply?
  6. Big Gay Al

    Just a note about OT subjects.

    It has been pointed out to me, there is a sub-forum titled "General Discussion" under which Off Topic discussions should be posted. For the future, from this time forward, please post all OT subjects there, not here. Anything posted in this sub forum should relate to Open Carry in general, and...
  7. Big Gay Al

    In case you don't hear from me for a while.

    I'm currently in Sparrow hospital. I'll be undergoing surgery on both legs to drain infection, as well as a colonoscopy. After that, I have no idea what's next. Any way. I'll let you know how I'm doing after that.
  8. Big Gay Al

    Meridan Township???

    I was OCing in Mason Meijer's, and a gentleman approached me and was asking about OC. During our conversation, he asked if I'd ever been to Meridan Township, which I have. He had been told/heard that the prosecutor would go after OCers on the premise that the holster partially obscures the...
  9. Big Gay Al

    Unions protesting in Lansing, 3/16/2011

    This Wednesday, March 16, 2011, AFL-CIO and other unions (According to Michael Moore) are planning a protest in Lansing, I presume against Gov. Snyder and the state legislature. This protest probably isn't gun related, but, I thought I should mention it, in case it's something anyone else...
  10. Big Gay Al

    New Lansing PD Chief to be announced at 2:00PM today (1-18-11)

    Heard it on the radio, on my way home from the doc's office. Keeping my fingers crossed that they keep the one they have now, as she seems to be OC friendly, or at least informed.
  11. Big Gay Al

    House Bill 4009 of 2011, not eactly OC related, but....

    House Bill 4009 of 2011 introduced. If passed as is, will eliminate Pistol Free Zones for CPL holders. While this isn't exactly OC related, it could have an impact.
  12. Big Gay Al

    Just a note.

    You may not see me post here for a few days. I'm in Sparrow hospital and I'm going in for triple bypass surgery, Thursday. Hope to chat with you all later.
  13. Big Gay Al

    Peters Gun Range "NO OC".

    I guess you guys missed that episode of CSI Miami where Speedle got killed because he didn't clean his weapon. :) It's not about doubt. I have no doubts that my 1911 will continue to function after I put 1000 rounds through it, without cleaning it. But firearms are like any other tool. They...
  14. Big Gay Al

    Have you seen this?

    imported post I think we need to send this video to ALL businesses open to the public. I find it really rare for a New Jersey judge to be so Pro-2A, and such a constitutional scholar. We need Judge Napolitano on SCOTUS!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP1Wgkh5MeE
  15. Big Gay Al

    Take a deep breath

    imported post It seems to me, we all need to stop, take a deep breath, and maybe take a step back. We seem to be on the verge of "eating our own" here. Do I disagree with some of the actions that have happened lately? Yes. Does that make all of them illegal? No. I know others agree with me...
  16. Big Gay Al

    Kentucky Hunting Forums

    imported post Under normal circumstances, I'd take care of this myself, but I figured, Kentucky gun (hunting) forum, maybe needs a true Kentuckian to handle this. (I'm close but not quite, having parents from Kentucky, being born in Indiana, and living in Michigan.) Besides, I figured one of...
  17. Big Gay Al

    Saw an anti-gun bumper sticker that needs an answer

    imported post Ok, saw this bumper sticker the other day. "If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will be accidentally shooting their children." Or something to that effect. This of course, needs some sort of response. But as I've been battling a serious infestation of my computer the last few...
  18. Big Gay Al

    pm from areyouserious

    imported post So, how many here got a PM from "areyouserious?" And as of 8:40 AM 11/8/08, this hasn't posted a single message, other than these sad PMs.
  19. Big Gay Al

    Be prepared for the anti-oc comments from CCWers, IF Obama wins

    imported post I have been hearing rumblings from many of the typical anti-OC/pro-CCW crowd. Some claim we are too "in your face," and will bring undue attention. Their main worry is that not only wil OC be outlawed, but also CC as well. They may have a point, I don't know. My personal opinion...
  20. Big Gay Al

    Winter and OC

    imported post Ok, here's the question, HOW do you OC in the Winter, what with heavy coats and all?