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  1. tat2ed_guy


    I OC everytime I'm there. Has anyone had any issues as of lately. I usually shop Tulalip and Hwy 9 in Marysville.
  2. tat2ed_guy

    $1.00 over cost for Military and Vets with proof.

    Located in Idaho these guys are giving one hell of a deal to those of us that do and have served in the armed forces. http://dervsguns.com/
  3. tat2ed_guy

    Home Depot Encounter... Interesting but good

    So I went to Home Depot today with the wife to buy some stuff to build an above ground garden. I had asked many people in the garden area about soil and what not and they all directed me to one lady. That lady was busy with another customer so I had to stand there and wait for a few minutes. She...
  4. tat2ed_guy

    New OC Piece... how ironic lol

    Sorry for the crappy pic, I took it with my phone. By tat2ed_guy at 2010-12-18
  5. tat2ed_guy

    My wife and the Arlington Courthouse....

    imported post So my wife had to go to the courthouse to file some papers on my crazy neighbor. She walks in and approaches the scurity check point. Her: Yes Sir, I have a weapon to check-in. Offier: Excuse me? Her: I am legally armed and I would like to check a weapon in. Him: Oh, ok. Right...
  6. tat2ed_guy

    NorPoint Shooting Range

    imported post Not sure of all the details (as I am in Iraq) but the wife just drove by and told me about it and I thought i would pass it along to you guys. Free shooting with the purchase of ammo.
  7. tat2ed_guy

    OT: Where to obtain 911 transcripts for Arlington

    imported post I have seen this topic before but the search isnt working for me can someone help me out?
  8. tat2ed_guy

    The Wife is coming around

    imported post My wife hasnt been the biggest supporter of guns at all let alone OC. But as of yesturday she is now the proud new owner of a Bersa 9mm. She even wants to go shoot this morning right after she gets her CPL. I will work on the OC part later. How can you not love a woman like that...
  9. tat2ed_guy

    OT Carrying Automatic knives

    imported post I have recently came into a Benchmade 9051. Being that it is legal for sale to miltary my question is, is it legal for me to carry it. Im currently in iraq and every minute is in the line of duty so I know that i can carry it here but what about state side? I have also heard that...
  10. tat2ed_guy

    Sorry if this is late, posting from Iraq

    imported post I got this in an email and thought I'd post it for all to see. Plus, Im spreading the word here in Iraq about this site and our rights. Going world wide....lol sorry guys, its not posting for some reason..
  11. tat2ed_guy

    Back to OC'ing for a week..

    imported post So I left for training on the 30th of Aug. We got lucky and are allowed a week of leave before we go to Iraq. I didnt realize how much I missed carrying my tool until yesterday when I got home and picked it up. At least they give me an M16 to carry for the next year. lol. Not that...
  12. tat2ed_guy

    Cpl Required for entry to snohco court house?

    imported post The following is something that was postedon another site. Can they require you to have a CPL to check in your firearms regardless of how you carry? SNOHO court house xxxxxxxxx» Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:09 pm So you used to go in the side door of the court house and they had a bank...
  13. tat2ed_guy

    Explaining why I OC to my 15yr old son

    imported post My son comes home the other day and says that these two guys robbed his friend while they were waiting for some pizza. Later I get a call from an Arlington LEO and he wants to talk to my son and see what all he witnessed. The two guys didnt doany physical harm they just...
  14. tat2ed_guy

    Tulalip Walmart OC

    imported post So the wife, baby and I went to Tulalip Wal Mart today to get some things. I had'nt OC'ed there yet but today seemed like a good day to do so. Although Im getting more and more used to OC'ing my wife acts like Im getting away with something that I shouldnt be doing.So she looks...
  15. tat2ed_guy

    The way it should be...First OC

    imported post I was taking the wife and kids to the mountain area out in Darrington. Before we even left town (Arlington) my wife wanted something to drink. So I stopped at the 7 eleven. I dont think the wife realized that my pistol was uncoverd until I got to the door of the store. I walked...
  16. tat2ed_guy

    OT: Happy Fathers Day

    imported post I hope that you all have a good day.
  17. tat2ed_guy

    Something to get your blood boiling??

    imported post I dont know what to make of this other than:cuss::banghead::cuss::banghead::cuss::banghead::cuss: http://www.theobamaforum.com/index.php
  18. tat2ed_guy

    Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009

    imported post This is an actual bill with the U.S. House of Representatives. Another covert attempt to bypass your 2nd Amendment rights! Obama gun control by secrecy? Important for you to be aware of a new bill HR 45 introduced into the House. This is the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing...
  19. tat2ed_guy

    Bad mouthing OCDO....

    imported post Could some one who knows better set this guy straight. I Have learned so much from you guys and hate to see some ignorant guy put out the wrong info. http://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/index.php?topic=17299.0
  20. tat2ed_guy

    OC/CC on military bases?

    imported post I called the Watch Commander on my base the other day to see if there is actually any regulations that state that firearms cannot be carried on base. Hewouldnt give me any info other than"No youcannot carry for protection" but if you are involved in a hunting event then it was ok...