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    BR 349 Prefiled for 2019 legislative session

    Come back when you make up some new laws. There aren't many laws about open carry but it's not because of the constitution. It's because OC has been legal since 1792 and all the issues concerning OC have been settled by the courts long ago. It is common law. CC is only 21 years old so almost...
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    BR 349 Prefiled for 2019 legislative session

    Wrong again. Where do you get this stuff? Do you just make it up? Generally, arrests are not made for misdemeanors in Ky. BUT in cases where the officer suspects that you will not show up for the hearing or if you refuse to follow his orders, he can make an arrest. KRS 415.035, read all of the...
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    Amanda Chase R-Chesterfield Open Carries on Va. Senate Floor

    Nonretention holster. Very bad form.
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    BR 349 Prefiled for 2019 legislative session

    Tiny two?? How may does it take to make you wrong? You said that it takes a constitutional amendment to pass just one of those? So, you admit that you are wrong about those two. BS on top of BS. You spread this dribble and expect to not be questioned. Get you information right before you post...
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    BR 349 Prefiled for 2019 legislative session

    Oh, yeah!! What about KRS 527.070? http://www.lrc.ky.gov/Statutes/statute.aspx?id=19962 First passed in 1994 (before there were any legal concealed weapons in Ky., so it must have been deliberately written for openly carried weapons) and has withstood any challenge for 24+ years. I can't find...
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    Open and Concealed Carry in a County Extension Office

    I have been working on this ever since I found out about it. It has been tough work. I was first told that the University of Ky. had ordered those signs put up and I had to get proof that that was just BS. Then I had to convince the Board of the county office that the law said that they couldn't...
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    New Bill to remove restrictions of place on Concealed Carry in Ky.

    How does any of this "gossip", "chatter", "conversation", "newspaper quotes" and "unrelated news accounts from Owensboro" affect the plain wording and efficacy of this bill and why would anyone allow any of it to influence their opinion of a bill that none of these things affect in any way? The...
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    New Bill to remove restrictions of place on Concealed Carry in Ky.

    Which democrat members of the Ky. General Assembly are you referring to?
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    for sale

    I am not afraid.
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    for sale

    The reason that you have been unable to find a "for sale forum" is that sales are strictly forbidden on this website. This is from the site's rules: (10) WE DO NOT ALLOW "FOR SALE/TRADE" OR RAFFLE ADS: We use Google Ads to help cover the expenses of the forum and their rules specifically...
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    Let us please,not get caught up in National Resprosity again.

    Let's look at what is presently being done on this subject. Federal law says that illegal immigrants should be arrested and held for pickup by federal authorities. Some cities/counties/states refuse to do that and also impede federal authorities' attempts to enforce these laws. Federal law says...
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    Should I open carry or wait?

    My sister lives in Rehoboth Beach. I have open carried there on several of my visits the see her. This is the epicenter of liberal anti-gun bias. I have been asked to leave a few stores, but never had a problem with law enforcement. Good luck.
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    Taurus G2C

    I own several Taurus guns and all of them go "bang" when I pull the trigger. I would not use any of them for precision target shooting, that is not the service for which they were intended. You will find a few people that disparage the brand, but that will be the case no matter what brand you...
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    What cops need to consider about armed citizens

    Without "qualified immunity", who would take the job knowing that one mistake could send them to prison for the rest of his life? Without their minions to do their bidding and protect them from the outraged masses, what politician would want to take the risk of public office?
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    Drinking and Carrying

    Did you notice the absence of quotation marks in my post and link to the actual statute?
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    Drinking and Carrying

    The difference is the law says you can do one but says you can't do the other. One is an area primarily used for the service of alcohol and the other isn't. Here is the actual wording of the statute, "(e) Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense beer or alcoholic beverages for...
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    Drinking and Carrying

    You said it much better than I did.
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    Drinking and Carrying

    You are correct except for one small error. KRS 244.125 is about BARS, places with little or no food service. It is not about restuarants and specifically says as much. the part of your post that I highlighted is just an explanation that the statute, in its entirety, does not apply to bona fide...
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    State Commission Report on Parkland Fl. School Shooting Released

    The State Commission Report says that teachers need to be armed. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-ne-stoneman-douglas-draft-report-20181212-story.html https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/