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  1. Doug_Nightmare

    Amanda Chase R-Chesterfield Open Carries on Va. Senate Floor

    TWT: “Ms. Chase said she always carries concealed in the Virginia State Capitol but decided to carry the gun openly following an incident Monday in which the police were called on a mob of immigration activists who confronted Republican state Sen. Dick Black. “It concerned me,” Ms. Chase told...
  2. Doug_Nightmare

    N. Y. Bill S.1413 Would Violate Gun Rights, Free Speech Rights, and Privacy Rights. E. Volokh

  3. Doug_Nightmare

    E. Volokh on Guns and Strict Liability

    “From Illinois Appellate Court Judge David Ellis's concurring opinion two weeks ago in People v. Lee: [ ... ] [E. V. Comment] Sounds right to me, though I generally oppose strict liability in criminal statutes. For the U.S. Supreme Court's (complicated) approach to the matter, see Staples v...
  4. Doug_Nightmare

    Conversation, Detention, and Arrest

    I found this troubling. “What are my rights at borders? Within 500 miles of a border your constitutional rights are greatly reduces” It seems that the Constitution-free zone is expanding.
  5. Doug_Nightmare

    for sale

    About death and dying; “A wise man knows the right answer when he hears it.” Best wishes.
  6. Doug_Nightmare

    Do Some Courts Under Enforce the Second Amendment. David Kopel

  7. Doug_Nightmare

    Armed bystanders shoot at shoplifters in Marysville, disabling their vehicle, then disappear.

    Update! Four shots fired. Battery with a vehicle deadly weapon. Two perps apprehended. SIX armed citizens, three fired shots. https://www.heraldnet.com/news/the-plan-was-to-steal-tools-then-customers-drew-their-guns/
  8. Doug_Nightmare

    Re-write of the 2nd Amendment

    My search engine said Duval County, Floriduh. When I went there to verify, the “page has moved,” and I couldn’t get their search engine G00gle to find it. But look at the horrible paraphrase of the First Amendment. ...
  9. Doug_Nightmare

    Armed bystanders shoot at shoplifters in Marysville, disabling their vehicle, then disappear.

    “Marysville Police want to speak with the bystanders who shot at the vehicle in order to get their statement. Anyone with information is asked to call Marysville Police.” https://q13fox.com/2018/12/23/armed-bystanders-shoot-at-shoplifters-in-marysville-disabling-their-vehicle/
  10. Doug_Nightmare

    Opposing ERPO Red Flag Law(lessnes)s

    Be careful. My gun-life goals changed after I spoke out against the hegemony. Best wishes.
  11. Doug_Nightmare

    Wisconsin Open Carry Advocate Gets Handgun Snatched From Holster

    Should not the OP have been in Wisconsin forum?
  12. Doug_Nightmare

    Wisconsin Open Carry Advocate Gets Handgun Snatched From Holster

    https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/crime/monday-night-standoff-could-have-been-much-worse-madison-police/article_fcc0e9c7-bbea-5f8c-ab87-92df52773256.html LOL. “The suspect, Melvin Bogus, ... “
  13. Doug_Nightmare

    SCOTUS should clarify Second Amendment test with Mance v. Whitaker. David Kopel

    http://reason.com/volokh/2018/12/20/supreme-court-should-clarify-second-amen. “Today I filed an amicus brief in support of the cert. petition in Mance v. Whitaker. The case is a challenge to the federal ban on interstate handgun sales. But more importantly, it is a good vehicle for the Court to...
  14. Doug_Nightmare

    10 round magazines in NJ

  15. Doug_Nightmare

    Gatwick shutdown by drones. NOT terror related. Cops patrol with high-powered guns

    https://duckduckgo.com/?t=abpbrowser&q=gatwick+drones&ia=news&iar=news I wonder where the air shots fall. In so densely populated an area there will be fatalities galore - the truth first. It’s not about the guns, it is about the misses and where they fall.
  16. Doug_Nightmare

    #GoFundTheWall passes $2.5 Million of $1 Billion goal in 48 hours.

    https://www.gofundme.com/TheTrumpWall The sponsor analyzes that $100 from every Trump voter would fund the goal easily. That won’t happen. It is time for wealthy Conservatives to take up the slack.
  17. Doug_Nightmare