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    California is not America.

    I left that place 11 years ago and I don't miss it in the slightest... I was actually considering visiting for Christmas this year but I can't bring myself to spend 1¢ in the Great Gun Grab State. I feel sorry for those of you that live in California and I hope you are fighting to reclaim the...
  2. M

    Orleans Parish meet. When/Where?

    Where is the next Orleans Parish meet?
  3. M

    NOLA: Physically detained and disarmed by Whole Foods store cop: Sgt. Wade Boswer

    I'm at the deli asking a question when all of the sudden an arm comes from behind and around my throat and another hand is taking my firearm out of my holster. I am marched through the store before all appearances with my hands behind my back. People I know are looking at me like I just stole...