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    Pulled Over while Open Carrying?

    I am sure that this has been covered before on here, but I am not sure about it. If I were to get pulled over while I had my handgun on my side in its holster, would I need to let the LEO know that I have a gun on my waist?
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    Havelock Meet-up

    Due to popular demand, I created a new thread for a Havelock meet-up. We still need to decide a place and what day.
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    People in New Bern or Havelock?

    I was curious how many people on here live in either Havelock or New Bern, NC. I know Bearfoot said he lives in New Bern. It'd be cool to meet up at the range or something one day.
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    Is This Legal?

    My friend is not quite 21 yet, but there is a gun show this weekend where I live. Is it legal for me to buy him a handgun? This seems to be a gray area in the law.
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    New to Open Carry

    Hey everybody. I just found this forum. I just turned 21 less than 2 months ago. I have a Glock 19 and decided to give open carry a try until I get my concealed handgun permit. So far I have only open carried one time and nobody seemed to notice my gun. My friend is pro-gun, but he thinks that...