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  1. The Wolfhound

    Lobby Day is coming

    Do you have January 21st on your calendar? Be There! Join like minded folk and talk to your legislators
  2. The Wolfhound

    Every Election..

    We always hear that THIS election is the most important one, ever. Does anyone remember one where we stood to lose as much as is at stake this election? It occurs to me that each election actually is the most important as it is the only one you can affect "now". It goes back to the saying in...
  3. The Wolfhound

    Stand for Your Rights Rally

    VCDL has announced that this will be happening at the Virginia State Capitol this weekend. Weather sounds good for the event. Many other states are doing similar things too. https://vcdl.org/event-2890996 Politicians wish to ignore us and take away our guarantied rights. Number count!
  4. The Wolfhound

    Everyday carry----Flashlight

    This could go in general discussions, but I would never read it there. So I post the question to the Virginia Forum which I do look at most everyday: Do you carry a flashlight for any "tactical" use and what do you carry? I generally have a cheap but very bright Ultrafire XML-T6 on me for...
  5. The Wolfhound

    Are you making plans for Lobby Day?

    Lobby Day is only 12 days away. Come on down to the General Assembly. Let them know we are watching them and remind them that they work for us. Meet hundreds (lets make it thousands this year) of like minded souls. Hear from speakers about the ongoing fight for our rights. Visit YOUR...
  6. The Wolfhound

    A new week, a new fire mission

    http://edition.cnn.com/index.html?mobile=0 Should children be allowed to shoot under adult supervision? Hiding in the "International" version, way down at the bottom. 52% against as of 3:30PM Tuesday.
  7. The Wolfhound

    Fire Mission of the week.

    http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/bill-and-melinda-gates-donate-anti-gun-initiative Poll at the end of the article. Send it! 43% approval as of 6PM Tuesday.
  8. The Wolfhound

    Fire Mission: CNN poll

    http://edition.cnn.com/ You will find this at the very bottom, on the right. Send it!
  9. The Wolfhound

    An interesting Federal Court decision

    http://ia800902.us.archive.org/4/items/gov.uscourts.idd.32180/gov.uscourts.idd.32180.42.0.pdf Is this the end of Corps of Engineers prohibitions nationwide? A quick scan appears so. :lol:
  10. The Wolfhound

    Let's go to Starbucks Again!

    Let's be sure to go to Starbuck's on Saturday, if their business spikes up it will ruin the day for the Anti Gunners. http://money.msn.com/now/post--gun-control-group-skip-starbucks-on-saturday I am so tired of this stupidity but "stupid" is the one thing the Antis never run out of. Unlike...
  11. The Wolfhound

    Thank You, West Virginia, for being there!

    So there I was traveling North on I-81, in Virginia, having briefed my navigator that I must disarm before entering "The People's Republic of Murderland" when suddenly I crossed the State line! Holy Crap! I just committed a felony! Whew! I did not realize I-81 crossed a small portion of West...
  12. The Wolfhound

    Gee, why would I need a gun in a park?

  13. The Wolfhound

    HB 139 sure looks like Constiutional Carry to me

    Virginia House Bill 139: Carrying concealed handguns; penalties. Provides that any person who may lawfully possess a firearm in Virginia may carry it hidden from common observation. The bill retains the procedures to obtain a permit that authorizes a person to carry a concealed handgun for...
  14. The Wolfhound


    January 23rd 1855 On this date the greatest firearms genius yet to walk the earth was born. He made his first gun in his father’s shop at age 13. His work spanned 58 years. Many of his designs are still in use and manufacture today with little or no refinement or change. He made...
  15. The Wolfhound

    Ok, so the wife wants a new holster for Christmas.......

    She likes OWB cross draw and is looking to carry her Ruger P-94. Fitting a lady with a narrow waist and curves has not been easy. Anybody solved this problem? We tried a retention style paddle holster and she could not get a draw angle that allowed her to draw it. I had no issues with the...
  16. The Wolfhound

    VCU-MCV boundaries

    I heard on the news this morning that the MCV campus of VCU has adopted restrictions of no smoking on all of the campus. What raised the firearms issue flag was the CEO defining the campus to include Broad Street and the sidewalks there of. With the State sanctioned firearms restriction that...
  17. The Wolfhound

    Winter carry suggestions

    imported post When the recent storm came through, I realized that my usual IWB was not a practical choice. How do you carry in cold weather? I was wearing so many layers,I had trouble just drawing my cell phone. A pistol would not have even been possible. Gloves made life challenging too.
  18. The Wolfhound

    Prohibited person - long ago felony conviction

    imported post I have the occasion to lead a group on a shooting range trip. One prospective shooter has admitted to a long ago felony conviction. I know he cannot purchase firearms. Is he breaking the law to handle one under controlled circumstances at a range? My belief is that this would be a...