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  1. Tess

    Greater Richmond OC Dinner - Tues, July 14th at 7:00 p.m.

    Sorry. Turns out we're not going to be able to make it.
  2. Tess

    Greater Richmond OC Dinner - Tues, July 14th at 7:00 p.m.

    Put us down as three *possible*, please. We'll confirm as the date gets closer.
  3. Tess

    VCDL and PVC in the news

    They have an organizational structure that refuses to delegate, or to recognize and seek newly developing skills. The webmaster, bless his heart, is the webmaster despite the fact there are dozens in the organization who have design and web skills. The Board is reluctant to adopt anything it...
  4. Tess

    Farewell to a Dear Friend... Kevin Kilcoyne (zoom6zoom)

    Bob, it's only chance I happened on this post; I seldom read this section. I knew Kevin, though not well, and am dismayed by this news. I knew he was diabetic, but not the extent of the disease. THANK YOU for this notification. I am very sorry to hear this. Please accept our condolences for...
  5. Tess

    7th Congressional District, Delegate NICK FREITAS

    I sure would like to see Freitas run for governor.
  6. Tess

    Lobby Day 2020: The Don "Peter Nap" Litton Memorial Latrine

    To be completely accurate, VCDL was initially told by Richmond PD that we'd need 15. VCDL paid for those. Soon, a member realized that was NOT enough. He paid for more, and convinced another donor to pay for more. THEY chose to place the signs requesting donations. I hadn't seen or known...
  7. Tess

    Checking in

    Good to see you check in! I've missed you. Yeah ... Would not surprise me to see a 1000-person Lobby Day agin. Too bad it happens *after* bad things, not before.
  8. Tess

    November 2nd (DC Rally) GUN OWNERS ARE GOING TO DC at the DC front lawn.

    Just think the presence we could have had there if those who stayed home because "not enough people will go" actually did......
  9. Tess

    November 2nd (DC Rally) GUN OWNERS ARE GOING TO DC at the DC front lawn.

    Beautiful weather, good crowd (2000-3000)). I talked to folks from MA, VT, CT, NJ, NY, PA, MD, DC, VA, NC, CO, IL, TX, FL, CA. Connecticut Citizens Defense League charted a bus. Dynamic speakers, all open to individual discussions, shaking hands, etc. Gabby Franco sought me out for a picture...
  10. Tess

    November 2nd (DC Rally) GUN OWNERS ARE GOING TO DC at the DC front lawn.

    Time is now changed -- will start at 1230
  11. Tess

    DC 2A Rally

    I will probably attend, at least for a while. Those of us who stay home and say "Well, not enough people will attend" contribute, IMNSHO. Plus, in over 60 years, I've never attended a protest in DC. I guess I should do that once before I leave the area.
  12. Tess

    A thought after you have used your SD firearm to defend yourself/loved ones...

    This response admits you fired the shots. Even that might be wiser left unsaid until your attorney is present. Call 911. Request ambulance and police. Render aid if safe and you know what you're doing. Call your attorney.
  13. Tess

    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    Interesting. Our Community Service Boards are county agencies, but, I believe, state governed. Guess I have more research to do.
  14. Tess

    Amicus curiae brief from Dems

    I would have thought this would have been posted, but I don't see it. The actual brief submitted by the Dem senators. To me it reads like an editorial gussied up with big margins and lots of footnotes. I do have to admit that, though I am not a lawyer and don't often read the actual...
  15. Tess

    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    IIRC, the statute exempts localities and not agencies. This is how Community Service Boards are able to prohibit firearms in their areas. In our case, the CSB is part of a floor of the government center, which is not a GFZ. I'll try to find a citation. It may have been another of the...
  16. Tess

    NoVA (Northern Virginia) - OC reports

    Hey Jason! Good to see you. I OC much less in summer, primarily because aside from jeans (way too hot) there is no good way. I'd like to think OC has become less noteworthy, but I suspect we're facing the "silent majority" syndrome.
  17. Tess

    After-Action Report - Town Hall on "Gun Safety" - Wexton 6/22/19

    AFTER ACTION - Wexton "Town Hall on Gun Safety" 1. Some time after printing the materials for her "town hall", Mx. Wexton apparently changed her mind. She refused to use the term "gun safety" (who among her staff reads this page, I wonder) and used instead "gun violence prevention." 2...
  18. Tess

    11 dead, 6 injured after shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center

    We need to confront the "we must do something" utterances from politicians with "Yes. Instead, you allow defense-free zones and force sitting duck to wait for 'professionals'."
  19. Tess

    memorial day 2019

    This thread is emblematic of why I so seldom come to OCDO any more. A tribute. Followed by (deliberate?) misreading, political one-upmanship, moral superiority, and "I must have my say whether or not it's worth saying." Solus - thank you for your family's contribution. We will be...
  20. Tess


    From the forum rules: (14) LONG GUN CARRY IS OFF-TOPIC: This web site is focused on the right to openly carry properly holstered handguns in daily American life. We do NOT promote the carry of long guns. Long guns are great! OCDO co-founders John & Mike and most of the members of this forum own...