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    Michigan Announces Ban On Open Carry Weapons At Polling Locations

    Not sure how this is even remotely enforceable since it wasn't passed by the house and signed into law by the governor.
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    Zeroing in for the democrat convention; seven dead at Molson Coors.

    Truly sad. I'm willing to bet there would have been less dead people if the company wasn't a GFZ.
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    NRA Handing Out 30-Round Mags in VA to Fight Northam Gun Ban

    Oooo, fight the good fight NRA by giving out 30 round magazines... Maybe, just maybe, I know this is radical thinking, the NRA should actually do something instead of handing out magazines?! Such a worthless organization. They talk a good game, but when they are needed, they just drop the...
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    Michigan Bill Seeks To Hold Government and Businesses Liable For Shootings in Gun Free Zones

    Notice how the government entities are exempt? How are you able to not "patronize" those entities?
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    Open Carry in Practice: Who's done it? | Vigilance Elite

    I don't know why he would be so uncomfortable with OC...
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    GOP leader calls Evers' special session on guns a 'nonstarter'

    Isn't he one of those that believes special sessions are illegal?
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    Michigan Bill Seeks To Hold Government and Businesses Liable For Shootings in Gun Free Zones

    Why does the government exempt itself from this proposed law? Sec. 6b. The immunity provided by this act does not apply to 1liability of a governmental agency relating to a gun-free or 2weapon-free zone under section 40 of 1846 RS 66, MCL 554.140.
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    Michigan Bill Seeks To Hold Government and Businesses Liable For Shootings in Gun Free Zones

    https://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(ahbs0dtlmr4lwgbmz5q1gpj0))/mileg.aspx?page=getobject&objectname=2019-HB-4975 I haven't searched the forum to see if this story was posted anywhere else, but I do not see it posted in this subforum.
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    CA6: Seizing ptf out of her home for a psych eval without PC [drunken gun cleaning] stated claim and overcame QI. John Wesley Hall

    "Totality of the circumstances..." - former Chief Noble Wray, Madison, WI
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    Walmart Says No To Guns

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    Whats' up With Ron Johnson?

    States already are doing it, so there is absolutely no reason for a grant. Also, red flag laws are not going to fix the issue. We already have "due process" in place if someone is a threat.
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    Whats' up With Ron Johnson?

    We should remind him that with the "good intentions" of this bill, it is going to be abused. Does he have a short memory of how government offices abused their authority in the last 10 years?
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    Problems in carrying in my church

    I'll just say this, there are churches out there who teach proper doctrine and are pro-protection.
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    Problems in carrying in my church

    I'm still around, just very busy.
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    Rapper Shoots Intruder

    Yes Yes If you are in danger, you can defend yourself I do not know.
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    Analysis of FBI crime data shows Milwaukee is the ‘most robbed city in Wisconsin’

    Usually stats are done with X crimes per number of population of the city.
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    Analysis of FBI crime data shows Milwaukee is the ‘most robbed city in Wisconsin’

    https://fox6now.com/2019/04/07/analysis-of-fbi-crime-data-shows-milwaukee-the-most-robbed-city-in-wisconsin/ Congrats Milwaukee, you are #12 on the list for most robbed city!
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    South Dakota goes constitutional carry

    What number is this now? 15?
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    Milwaukee man (OC) had his firearm grabbed

    https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/watch-man-shoots-robber-in-the-butt-at-citgo-gas-station https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/concealed-carry-permit-holder-shot-would-be-robber-in-the-butt-at-milwaukee-gas-station...
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    Another shotout in Houston, another win for the home owner.

    Just think of what would have happened if certain people wanted the age to buy firearms to be 21? This man would be death rather than a few of the criminals.