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  1. eye95

    Does HB228 outlaw some firearms beginning March 4th?

    IANAL, and Ohio uses some really convoluted language in its ORC (I miss the simplicity of the Alabama code), but I don’t see how this bill limits weapons possession as reported in this article. Can anyone with better legal reading skills than me enlighten us about HB228 in light of this article...
  2. eye95

    Arrested for carrying a concealed firearm in Florida!!

    since9, I’d say that your signature is the best possible response at this point in the thread.
  3. eye95

    Officer Goines should be charged with murder.

    I would cite two possible reasons to wonder whether it would be highly probable that drugs would be found: Corrupt officers. The victims were scum anyway. Both possible. Neither proven.
  4. eye95

    Officer Goines should be charged with murder.

    I deal in facts. It is a fact that Goines lied. He is a criminal. His behavior led—illegally—to deaths. I do not have knowledge to make similar claims against the other officers, so I won’t. I won’t paint all officers with the same broad brush. I hope no one paints us with a broad brush.
  5. eye95

    Officer Goines should be charged with murder.

    Goines is the one who lied on the warrant application. The other officers may have been ignorant of the lie. They would have to have done something else wrong.
  6. eye95

    Officer asked to leave gun free Outback Steakhouse

    There’s that COTUS word again.
  7. eye95

    Officer Goines should be charged with murder.

    Officer Goines lied on an affidavit to gain a search warrant. That is a crime. It is a predictable consequence that someone will die as a result of that crime who otherwise would not have died. Someone did die as a result. Officer Goines should be charged with murder...
  8. eye95

    examiner.com - Anti-gun movement runs out of steam in 2014

    COTUS = Constitution of the United States.
  9. eye95

    'No excuses,' Jefferson County sheriff says after deputy smears homeowner's surveillance camera with mud

    Was this not a violation of the civil rights of the homeowner? The deputy was clearly acting on his own and not implementing department policy. Surely immunity is pierced. The homeowner should sue. We need to sue more cops. Let ‘em know we will not tolerate their misbehavior, even seemingly...
  10. eye95

    Under the influence

    There should be lawful self-defense while one is “in his cups”. The first two questions asked after any self-defense action should be the same regardless of the mental condition of the defender: 1. Would a reasonable person have believed himself or herself to be in danger, justifying the use of...
  11. eye95

    TX caves to pressure from NY!

  12. eye95

    What a massive misunderstanding of the word “Right”!

    To defend Liberty in general, we must first defend the Liberty of others—especially from our own behavior.
  13. eye95

    Arkansas still trying to figure it out.

    Better than passing a resolution that says the law says what it doesn’t say! Edited to add: How would one know of an intent to “unlawfully employ the handgun” until it was so employed? Would the BG call 911 to tell them that he is going to rob a bank, thereby making his carry illegal?
  14. eye95

    NH allows guns in schools, bill aims to change this

    A loooong time. School shootings are quite rare—even in places that ban guns in schools. However, in support of your point, though still rare, school shootings are infinitely more prevalent in States that bar carry in schools.
  15. eye95

    LA City Council Goes off the Constitutional Rails.

    https://www.whio.com/news/national-govt--politics/los-angeles-passes-nra-disclosure-law-for-contractors/aGuwAckzHItePEDA41oRwL/ In order to compete for contracts with LA, companies must disclose all ties with the NRA. This violates the 1A and the fundamental Right of Association.
  16. eye95

    What a massive misunderstanding of the word “Right”!

    Sentence by sentence, IMO: Yes, Yes, Yes, No, and No.
  17. eye95

    What a massive misunderstanding of the word “Right”!

    Please do not put words into my mouth. Folks, if you want to know what I am saying, please read my posts and not those of someone trying to antagonize.
  18. eye95

    What a massive misunderstanding of the word “Right”!

    I don’t know if your asking me or the other guy, but as to your question: IDK, I am only participating in a theoretical discussion of Rights. Actual law rarely measures up to the concepts of Liberty as envisioned by the Founders and Framers.
  19. eye95

    What a massive misunderstanding of the word “Right”!

    IDK. I only responded to that question about TX law as a hypothetical question about the Rights of property owners to bar carry. I believe that, in a society that respects individual Rights, property owners have that Right, even pre-emptively with a sign. I know nothing of, nor am I all that...
  20. eye95

    What a massive misunderstanding of the word “Right”!

    My point was relevant to the concept of Rights, not to the law. The law should be written with a proper conceptualization of Rights in mind.