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  1. Griz

    Open carry still alive in Missouri?

    When you can't get numbers right because a decimal point fooled you, it's either lying or idiocy.
  2. Griz

    Open carry still alive in Missouri?

    Still open carry, here.
  3. Griz

    Chitcago Now LARGEST Outdoor Shooting Range in America

    and absolute silence from BLM.
  4. Griz

    Biden snaps at Michigan auto worker over guns, curses at him

    That's been every Presidential election that I've been eligible to vote.
  5. Griz

    Magazine Limits

    You guys just got open carry rolling along. Hope you guys don't let this garbage fly. https://kfor.com/2020/01/22/bill-would-limit-gun-magazine-size/ Well according to House Bill 2940, it's a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition. "You don’t need those that carry 30, 40, 50...
  6. Griz

    Universal background checks

    I agree, but it doesn't hurt to remind them we are still here, and watching.
  7. Griz

    Universal background checks

    Couple of house bills trying to gain traction. Not sure if Mike Parsons would veto after stating he'd support stricter gun control. https://www.sportsmensalliance.org/news/missouri-bills-criminalize-firearm-safety/
  8. Griz

    Emailing Sheriff

    more spam reported
  9. Griz

    Eastern WA OC Report

    contracts are only worth the lawyers used to violate them.
  10. Griz

    Walmart requesting no one open carry in stores

    Why is anyone waiting for them to put their ammunition on sale? I'm not going to give them another dime. Let it rot on the shelf if they are that worried about it killing someone. Hypocrites.
  11. Griz


    To be as explicit as possible, I used to carry a small 9mm Springfield with no locking retention device in a holster that was designed specifically for the firearm. I would always remove the gun from the holster when donning or doffing. Personally, I just didn't want to take the chance of a mishap.
  12. Griz

    Missed the big one.

    Get away from the GP and get a specialist. A regular cardiologist visit every 6 months, with sonograms, blood tests, and EKG's help keep me up to date on my health and put my mind at ease. Hell of a bullet you dodged.
  13. Griz

    FriendOrFoe.us New Version Released

    Can this rule stand with MO preemption?
  14. Griz

    Spring 2019 Campus Carry (OC) Walks

    How gracious to give the students permission.
  15. Griz

    Steak 'n' Shake closed all (?) locations in SW Ohio

    Six in the St. Louis area closed last February. Two more closing this week. Same story, looking for franchise operators. Sucks for the employees. Tom Murray, Steak ‘n Shake CFO of franchising, said the company’s goal is to reopen shops with franchise partners. The ultimate goal is to put...
  16. Griz

    Lifetime and Extended CCW permits not available per RSMo 571.205 from SCCPD

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop!
  17. Griz

    New bill in Senate

    gotta dumb it down for some elected officials ; ) I've already sent letters and emails to all of my reps for this legislative session. Kind of a pro 2nd, we're watching what you guys do, notice. Be interesting to see how the freshman J. Hawley does with McCaskill tossed out. Looking forward...
  18. Griz

    ammo cans on sale

    if you order them shipped, make sure they are all there. i'm still waiting on one to come in. otherwise it was a great deal. very nice to have all my ammunition on the shelf in a tidy row for once.
  19. Griz

    Background checks prevent school shootings

    or some such BS. Then there is this gem at the end of the story. "This study was observational, so the researchers noted that they cannot firmly conclude that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between background checks or other factors and school shootings."...