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    19-Year-Old Open Carrier Tazed. (This is outrageous.)

    I don't know where this took place as I was recently hacked and have most scripts blocked. I'll post a link to the video the victim, a lawful open carrier, took during his torture at the hands of a violent gang wearing blue colored uniforms and small tin badges of some sort. This might have...
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    BOYCOTT: Myer's Market Airport Blvd., Mobile, Open Carry Hostile

    I went to Myer's Market (4684 Airport Boulevard Mobile, AL 36608) today out of necessity in that my fuel tank was on empty. This store is on the corner of General Bullard Boulevard and Airport Boulevard across from the Harbor Freight shopping center and Firestone on their right. While in the...
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    Alabama Legislators File Bills to Allow Firearms in Cars

    Legislators File Bills to Allow Firearms in Cars http://www.local15tv.com/news/local/...H5n6_dI-Q.cspx (MONTGOMERY, Ala.) Legislation has been pre-filed in the Alabama House and Senate that would prevent employers and property owners from establishing policies that would prevent workers from...
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    Heads Up! ---> Alabama Legislators File Bills to Allow Firearms in Cars

    Here is the perfect opportunity to get the permit requirement to carry in a car or truck removed the books. I've called both Ford and Bedford's offices this morning thanking them for their efforts and asking that they remove the permit requirement to carry a firearm in one's car or truck. There...
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    May I suggest a different choice of words when referencing one's firearm?

    The media and [so-called] law enforcement always refer to firearms of any type as "weapons." The term weapon, at least to my ears and I suspect the majority of the brainwashed masses, tends to connote an item used in an offensive nature as opposed to a defensive nature. A weapon sounds menacing...