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  1. djdavis75

    Carry at Tag Agent Office

    Is a tag agents office a prohibited place under the SDA? I searched and couldn't find an answer. Thanks.
  2. djdavis75


    Just a few questions about carry in Oklahoma... My understanding of the law is you can openly carry a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle, loaded, but no round in the chamber, anywhere you can carry your pistol in a vehicle. Is that correct? Assuming you have a Handgun License that is. Is it...
  3. djdavis75

    Strange Day OCing

    I've posted previously about the local store that had a gunbuster sign, and after speaking to the owner several times, the sign was changed to a carry friendly sign. Since then I've been patronizing the store regularly, and the owner now calls me by my first name after the discussions we had...
  4. djdavis75

    OKOCA T-Shirt

    I hope this post is ok for this forum. I ordered a OKOCA T-Shirt over the weekend, and was just wondering if anyone could tell me about how long it takes to get them.
  5. djdavis75

    Store Prohibits Carry: Work In Progress

    I posted the following on 7-8-2013 in another thread: We do have one local store that has posted a sign with a no guns/knives symbol. I asked the owner about the sign and she said it was in response to a local resident who brought a knife in the store and was cutting on himself. I told her it...
  6. djdavis75

    Holster And Mag Pouch For Glock 29

    I recently sold my Glock 22 and Jim Burke holster. When I had this setup I carried concealed in the 4-5 o'clock position. I have a Glock 29 now, and a Blade-Tech Eclipse OWB holster, and due to it's cant it seems to be intended for the 4 o'clock or so position. While this holster works great...
  7. djdavis75

    First Time Open Carrying & Open Carry Questions

    First off, I'm so glad I found this forum. It's been great reading others open carry experiences and learning more about open carry. I live in a very rural part of Southeast Oklahoma. So today I needed to go pick up somethings at two local stores. I decided to tuck the shirt in and leave my...
  8. djdavis75

    Beavers Bend State Park (Broken Bow, OK)

    I go to Beavers Bend State Park, located at Broken Bow lake, quite a bit. They have "No Firearms" signs posted, along with other park regulations, at the entrances. It's my understanding with a handgun license you can carry in a state park, but I think it might be a Army Corp of Engineers...