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  1. Tango Down

    The ARK Experience.

    Has anyone had any experiences withe the Ark attraction? Their rule for the attraction forbid firearms for self defense. I got invited to goto the attraction but after reading that, it caused me to question even trying to go.
  2. Tango Down

    KRS involving Martial Law and Firearms?

    This is what I was referring to. CHAPTER 237 - FIREARMS AND DESTRUCTIVE DEVICES 237.104 Rights to acquire, carry, and use deadly weapons not to be impaired -- Seizure of deadly weapons prohibited
  3. Tango Down

    Hamburg Wal-Mart. OC'er tresspassed from ALL Wal-Marts.

    Years ago, I had an issue with this type of thing. I've acquired a voicemail from Walmart Market Office (their headquarters). I can't post the attachment, it will not allow for the MP3. Any idea how to upload it on here?
  4. Tango Down

    Gun Groups / Clubs that meet in Central KY?

    Are there any known gun groups or clubs, formal or causal, that meet in the Lexington, Richmond area? Since experiencing a massive health issue in 2015, it has lead to me having to relocate to the Berea area and I miss the camaraderie of my former gun group back in East KY.
  5. Tango Down

    KRS involving Martial Law and Firearms?

    That last one was the ticket! I have been involved in a few firearms related discussions and the topic of martial law was mentioned. I knew that KY had created a law to prevent what happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina from happening here in KY. I just wasn't able to remember...
  6. Tango Down

    KRS involving Martial Law and Firearms?

    Hey gang. It's been quite awhile since I was here last, over 4 years I think. I was originally NeuroBlades but after serious health issues, I wasn't able to recall the password. LOL Anyway, years ago when I was active on here, I remember a KRS that reaffirm the Second Amendment Rights of...