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    Please clarify legal places to carry

    It is not clear to me where I can and cannot carry... sure, the clearly stated places, court houses, post offices, schools, those are a no-brainer. But what about other places? Are state agencies places I should not carry? I normally carry concealed, for sevral reasons, and have had my...
  2. D

    question about a stolen firearm

    I know of a firearm that I have heard rumors about, that it might be stolen. I also do not wish to incriminate anyone or insert myself into the situation by asking questions. Is there anyway to check the backround of a firearm, to find out if it is 'clean'? It's not my place to be confronting...
  3. D

    School property, storage of firearms in my vehicle

    I am from WV, have a WV CC permit, and sometimes have to travel to OH school property. I would prefer to not go on a trip without my firearm, but want to know if it's legel to have my gun unloaded and cased in my truck while on school property? What's the rules? Help me be safe and prepaired, as...
  4. D

    Wounded deer... what can be done?

    Yesterday evening, as I was driving home along a 2 lane highway out in the country, I noticed a wounded deer in the same place it had been earlier that morning... hit, wounded to the point of not being able to move out of the ditch, and still in the same place, and still alive enough to be...
  5. D

    Walther P22

    An un-planned stop at a gun show last weekend led to me walking out with a new Walther P22... due in part to reading things posted here, and a few other items I found in online searches... Only came with one mag, I've ordered another, as well as a fobus holster for it. Was disapointed in the...
  6. D

    The wrong kind of open carry

    Love my small town home, nothing ever happens. Untill now. Some goof ball walks into the local BurgerKing, with a ski mask on, holding a gun... holds up/robs the place... Makes me miss the days when shop owners had a shotgun under the counter... :mad: Not sure if they got the guy or what...
  7. D

    First post... just some thoughts

    Hello all... New to this site, new to the oc/cc world. Grew up in West Virginia, hunting and such is a way of life. I'm comfortable around guns, but after reading alot of posts and other info in the past few days, it seems more that most people are scared of guns. The solution is not OC/CC...