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    Sierra County Residents

    The upcoming election sheriff is important one. The Republican candidate Glenn Hamilton is a supporter and defender of the Constitution. His opponent Democrat Michael Lanford has written that he is a strong believer in the values in the Constitution. They have both been asked whether they...
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    NM Glock Armorer's Course

    February 2nd, 2012 8:00am - 5pm Elephant Butte Community Center Elephant Butte, NM Information and registration can be read at; http://www.gssfonline.com/ Tim L. Tyrrell Sr 575-921-6369 nmcarry@gmail.com
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    To the Guy at Wal-Mart today

    imported post If you are a member of this board. I tried to discreetly inform you that open carry in an establishment that sells alcohol for off premises consumption is still a felony. You were however rudely insistant that it was legal as you had read it some where on the internet. If you...
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    imported post As Many of you know I have posted from and about Nebraska for a number of years. The wife and I are now in our home state of New Mexico snow birding until April. I have already paid my yearly membership to the Otero County Firing Range. Looking forward to a nice moderate (for...
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    South Dakota Commentary

    imported post The Sioux City Journal is posing the following question and soliciting public comment; Should students and faculty members be allowed to carry guns on college campuses as S.D. is proposing...
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    Open Carry in Nebraska

    imported post It has been awhile since I have logged in, I apologize for that. As I was going through the Nebraska related posts I came across the following conversation on the lagallity of Open Carry in the Cornhusker State; I wish Tim Tyrrell would chime in on a couple of these threads...
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    imported post Got home late Tuesday night and just vegged out Wednesday. It was a pleasure to meet Open Carry dot Org people at the GRPC. I have posted some initial thoughts and thank yous on my website. http://nebraskanews.blogspot.com/2006/09/gun-rights-policy-conference.html Let me tell...
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    Lincoln mayor at it again

    imported post Lincoln Mayor Collen Seng continues temper tantrum over state law Have a read and add a comment
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    Invited to plug my Blog

    imported post I had been aware of this site for some time but had never posted. The other day I made the previous post to this one, about open carry in Lincoln, Nebraska. One of the posters jpierce graciously welcomed me to the site and I thank you for that. jpierce also invited me to plug my...
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    Open carry Lincoln, Nebraska

    imported post I have been at the fore front of firearms issues in Nebraska for a good many years. The has always been the oft repeated rumor that if one were to carry openly in Lincoln, Nebraska that there would be a citation for breach/disturbing of peace. I have in years past had a couple of...